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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hangin' with the Chiropractor!

Ok, so you might remember from my post at the Pediatrician's office that the babies all have issues with their necks. They have a condition called Torticollis which basically means their heads are tilted more to one side and their chin tends to turn toward the other direction. It often occurs in the womb, and let's be honest, the Bunchkins didn't have a TON of wiggle room in my belly. Basically, their malposition was considered to cause damage to the sternocleidomastoid muscle in the neck. This results in a shortening or excessive contraction of the sternocleidomastoid muscle, which limits their range of motion and lateral rotation. Who Knew??
Well, it's a very lucky thing for these babies that we happen to know (and be friends with) a Chiropractor, Dr. Wayne Rudnick, who happens to know several methods of treatment for Torticollis. So...this past Monday he made a house call! (Apparently he realizes what a circus it can be to take them all out!) Plus, he really wanted them to be comfortable in their own surroundings, at least the first few times!

So he came over and began by checking each of their necks. Poor Colton's condition is the worst, followed by Ethan and last, Hunter. So he showed us how to massage the sternocleidomastoid muscle to get it to loosen up, enabling the babies to more freely move their heads from side to side. Then he used his Chirpractor tool, "The Activator" (sounds like a super hero to me) and used it on the babies necks and spine area to create strong impulses in the muscle.
Doesn't Colton look stunned? That's the "Activator" in Dr. Rudnick's hand
Three babies...three VERY different reactions to the Activator! Colton tolerated it so well! He barely even flinched! Such a brave boy! Hunter and Ethan on the other hand, were not fans of the activator! Though it didn't hurt them, it certainly surprised them! We watched Ethan's lip quiver in slow motion before he decided to scream! So right now the Bunchkins are Dr. Rudnick's youngest patients and they are very excited about that!
I'm not sure if Ethan likes this yet...
Hunter's turn
But then...he came back tonight! Again he massaged all their necks and used the activator to stimulate the muscles. But tonight, we tried something a little different....and I assure you, this is not a joke! We are not tormenting the babies...quite the opposite in fact. Apparently, you can hang the baby upside down for 15-30 seconds and let their little bones sort of "realign" themselves.

So Dr. Rudnick suggests this as another possible treatment..."hmmm, hang my 11 week old babies upside down? Does he not remember Hunter and Ethan crying LAST time and now you want to hang them like little bats?? I could hear the cries and screams already. But ok...who am I to argue with the Dr.!
Ok, seriously, they loved it. I don't think I have ever seen anything so funny in my life. Particularly Hunter who was more concerned with keeping her little pacifier in her mouth than the fact that the living room and all the people in it had just turned upside down! My mom and dad and I were laughing so hard while trying to be very supportive and comforting for a little tiny girl who clearly was not bothered by this new predicament! That's it, I decided. Sign this girl up for gymnastics!
Ethan liked the new "hang out" as much as Hunter did!
Colton was the least in favor...which makes sense since his neck is the worst of all three. But he still did a WHOLE lot better than I thought he would! So anyway, we're gonna kick this Torticollis in the butt no matter what it takes. Clearly. :) Thanks Dr. Rudnick! :)


Anonymous said...

OMG! How cute is that!!! Such little troopers..Hunter will be a star on the trapeze!!! You are such wonderful parents...And Dr. R. you are the BEST!!!!
Hugs to the bunchkins from Auntie and Uncle Jim!!

Dominick said...

all your babies re beautiful Ami...My sisters daughter Ava had tortecollis too1 They are such a blessing... YOu are such a strong mama and your hubby is kids are lucky to have you!

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