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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Raise your hand if you're having lip surgery this Thursday...

Yes, yes, big day coming up in the Bunch household...mostly Colton's! This Thursday, June 18th (barring any unforseen circumstances, of course), Colton will have the first of a few surgeries to repair his cleft lip and palate. This first surgery will be to repair his lip, the palate repair will be done when Colton is closer to a year old!

The surgery will be done at UMC, a place with which Colton is very familiar! His surgery will likely be the first one in the morning, though we don't find out the exact time until the day before. Dr. Hurst will perform the surgery and we hear he's OUTSTANDING! It's expected to take about 2 hours (if my memory serves...which, it doesn't always!) He will have to stay in the hospital for one night for sure. Any longer would only be if he doesn't respond well. But we optimistic Bunches just know that everything is going to go perfectly! Dad already had a chat with Colton over his bottle this morning and told him everything he should expect, so that he won't be nervous. :) And of course, this very protective mommy will be there every minute! So enjoy these pictures of the smile we will all miss more than we ever thought possible. And please keep Colton in your prayers!


Anabelle said...

Don't worry too much about surgery. My mama did it not too long ago and she said it was no big deal!Trust what your daddy says, they are always right. I can't wait to see your new lip, little buddy!
I Love You, Jaxon

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Man-
I wish I could be there and give you one last kiss on that sweet face of yours. I'll see you soon when you're sportin' your new look! I miss you and love you tons and tons and tons!!!
Auntie Kristen

kershner3 said...

He is such a cutie! We'll be praying for little Colton on Thursday!

Adam and Samantha said...

Man, he's a cutie!! We'll be thinking of you guys on Thursday!

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