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Monday, March 16, 2009

Super Belly, Sun and a Stroller! :)

These are the most recent belly pictures as well as a few random ones from the weekend! For some reason, Brian thought we should take my picture from the front and back as well as the side...why do I agree to these things??

31 Weeks 6 Days

I love the fact that I look like I'm trying to contemplate the meaning of life in these "candid" shots Brian takes of me....
Here, once again is SUPER HUSBAND!! He's putting together the AWESOME stroller that was given to us by an assortment of Brian's family's friends and family. (wow...that sounded confusing...) A bunch of people chipped in so that they could all buy us this stroller....what a surprise!! If you are one of those people who chipped in for the stroller, please know how much we appreciate you. Now we can actually TAKE the babies places...at the same time! I'm so excited!
This is Brian checking to make sure we fit through doorways! And we do! Watch out Tucson....here come the Bunch Babies! I love that it's actually a quad stroller because it gives us an extra seat, either for a friend to come along on outings...(Jaxon? Brody? Delaney? The new Chumbler Baby?) or for bags and stuff. Even though on the bottom of the stroller there are already two big compartments for "stuff". SO exciting! I will say, once the babies are born, I'll have to start working out seriously because it is NOT light....I'm trying to imagine myself hoisting it in and out of the Durango. OMG....but then again, as most of you know...I AM freakishly strong! :) Either way, thank you to all who chipped in for this awesome and much needed gift!


Anabelle said...

Everytime you post a picture of how the Bunch Babies will travel, it freaks me out!!! Man Alive that is a lot of stroller! Jax would be more than happy to be the friend that gets to travel with them. He'll protect his friends :)

Jen Adams said...

Kyle and Jordan love the new pics! Kyle asked if it was "normal" that you stayed skinny everywhere else but your belly...he must remember how HUGE I was with Jordan! And Jordan is very concerned and wants to know if it hurts having three babies moving around in your belly...and she also "super wishes" she was there to decorate with you!! Love you all!!
The Adams Family

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