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Monday, January 12, 2009

It looks like a nursery!

Big things are happening at the Bunch Casa! It's like a whirlwind effort to get ready for babies! If you recall, I'm 23 weeks today and Dr. M. is HOPING I can make it to 30 weeks...THAT'S RIGHT, PEOPLE!! Babies could be here in 7 weeks! OMG! (I think I can make it...maybe even to week 32..) but that's my glass half full outlook! Anyway, as usual, I digress! Here are just a few of the exciting things happening...

1. Brian and I bought a bookshelf to put in the nursery to help "store" some baby x3 stuff.

2. My mom and Auntie Diane came over today and BUILT the shelf that Brian and I bought!! Thank you ladies! I LOVE IT!

3.My mom just finished (and in record time, I might add) re-upholstering a glider chair and ottoman that was given to me by my former student teacher Michele.

4. I bought some baskets (ok, by some, I mean 6-10....) but I DID wait till they were 50% off at Michaels.

5. My mom and Auntie Valerie came over this past weekend and re-organized a few of my kitchen cabinets and drawers so that a cabinet and a drawer could be designated for baby bottles, bibs, etc. Yay!

6. I sorted every item of baby clothing we've received by "Preemie", "Newborn", "0-3", "3-6", "6-9", "9-12" and 12+....now I can begin the process of washing everything with Dreft! Yay!

This is the new bookshelf, the newly upholstered glider and one of the cribs!
This is still the baby boy wall...

The little girl wall.... (yes, I'm still watching the blog poll...)

The changing table and 3 newly framed ultrasound photos!

So when you put all these things together, it almost looks like a completed nursery!! We still need some babies to put in there, and I'm still bringing order to the closet. (You'll notice I haven't shown any pictures of that recently... :) We'll get there. Someday. So for now, enjoy these photos


Anonymous said...

Looking good (the nursery and the belly!). Sounds like everything is coming together - don't forget to rest - we miss you at Cottonwood, but couldn't be more happy for you and your family! Jen & Ryan Holt

Kim said...

I've finally gotten to visit your wonderful site and I have to tell you, you made me cry. You are such an amazing lady. These babies are so blessed to have you as their Mommy. We're so very happy for you and Brian. We look forward to meeting the littlest "Bunch"'s soon (it's just right around the corner!) Enjoy every moment... they really do grow up so fast. Love from all of us, the Conca Family

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