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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Aunt Mary is our hero!

You know you're a loser when....one of the most exciting things that happens in your day is your sister calling to tell you that your crib bedding has arrived! Being the good "Aunt Mary" that she is, she even delivered it to our house at 7:45 at night because she KNEW I'd be DYING to set it all up and make it look as cute as possible! So here are the pictures! 1 crib down....2 to go! I love it! It's even cuter in person than it was on the websites! I promise to invite anyone over who wants to come see it in person! Anyhoo...thanks Aunt Mary!


Jen said...

Looks awesome! You guys have done such a fabulous job with the nursery. What lucky little ones they are!

jrcoffey said...

Hi Ami. Its your Auntie D and Jenna! We just love everything..But you are way too organized for me. So proud of you and Brian. You are in my thoughts everyday. love love your favorite auntie and cousin. :)

Anonymous said...

Not a loser, just a long time coming! I am so excited for you! Miss you and the "easy button" (wait for it....) love Priscilla

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