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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's new....

Here is my latest profile...a sort of "Modified"
belly shot. 23W 4D
Ok, there is no excuse for my absence from this blog that I love so much! Somehow I recently found myself on facebook and have been trying to wean myself already from this "nosy" addiction! My blog was my first love and will continue to be my priority! :) So with that, let's see what's been happening here in the land of wiggly babies...
1. Today I am 24W 1D pregnant...a small, yet momentous feat all at the same time. The best part is that I still feel great! Truly. I still have a hard time sleeping...but I think I'm just subconsciously (or maybe consciously) afraid I'm going to squash one of the babies! No matter which side I sleep on, I can actually feel at least one wiggling baby beneath my skin. The vision that comes to my mind unfortunately is that of a small face pressed up against a clear, glass window....how odd am I?? So sleep at this point remains my greatest challenge.

2. The Babies. They are movers and shakers. All. Day. Long. I often wonder what they are doing in there...sleeping (clearly not), fighting (quite possibly) or just testing all their new people skills (most likely). Whatever it is, I am in love with these babies. I sit on the couch and stare at my belly for hours. I admit, it's somewhat alien-like the way they distort my once perfectly round belly, and yet, I am so captivated by it. My mother even video taped it the other day!

3. The nursery. I'm starting to think I should have found a way to put 3 cribs and a bed in there considering how much time I spend in it. I love it. I find it soothing, peaceful and just generally a happy place to be. Every morning when I wake up, and every night before I go to bed, I walk into their room and look in all three cribs. (As if, by some weird chance there were going to be babies in there already!) I just imagine what blessed chaos there will be when they arrive. Taking advice from my "Baby Mama" friend Anabelle, I recently added a small night stand to go beside the glider with a lamp for those late night feedings or rockings or whatevers! It couldn't be more perfect. :)

4. My gratitude for friends, families and even mere acquaintances. When I go in the nursery and look around, I am honestly overcome with gratitude. I cannot believe how much stuff we received from people we are related to, people we know well and even people we barely know. Whatever it is, I just hope that everyone knows how much we appreciate everything we have received to get these babies off and running!

5. Three. Of EVERYTHING. It's a weird feeling when I go to the store to buy something for babies...today for instance, I went in search of baby books. I had to buy three. THREE!! Three of everything....I momentarily stress out, until the cashier asks me if I meant to buy three baby books and I tell her I am having triplets...2 boys and a girl, and then my stress turns to smiles. I am going to be the mommy of three tiny babies. So yes, I'd like three baby books, please. :)
I honestly don't care how chaotic my life is about to be. I am blessed. I am excited. A little nervous that I will do a good enough job, but so darn happy. Since I failed to put up a belly pic last week or the week after, I will put up a few of me in the nursery. Ha ha. I told you, I'm in there ALL THE TIME. :)

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Fisher Family said...

Well, you look fabulous! And the never sleeping will last over the next few years. You just kinda of get used to being a zombie. The babies ultrasound photos are priceless. I can not wait to meet them!!! You certainly have been very blessed and will be an amazing mommy. We continue to pray for all and think of you daily: )

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