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Monday, January 5, 2009

Cookies and Crafts Disaster '08!

Ok, so it's been a while....I'M SORRY! I've been busy...trying to hatch 3 babies you know! :) So I'm just going to go ahead and do several separate entries to keep you posted about what the babies and I have been up to the past few days!

The holiday festivities all started on December 30, when we had our 3rd? (4th?) annual Crafts and Cookie Disaster. Sounds ominous doesn't it?? The first year, this event was excitedly named the Christmas Cookie Adventure (or something equally sweet sounding). But let's just say the cookies were nothing anyone of us were very proud of... So, the next year we called it the New Year's Cookie Disaster because again, our social skills far outweigh our baking skills and there was much "heated discussion" (that's code for girl fighting) about what ingredients go into which recipes and which cookies should be made, etc. So the next year, it was called the Cookie War. :) So you get the idea....This year, (back to the Crafts and Cookie Disaster) we decided that it was in everyone's best interest if the focus was taken OFF the baking and maybe placed more on the "socializing"...which is where the crafts came in! If you've been keeping up with mine or Anabelle's blog, then you know what that craft was....MOD PODGE! (or Podge Podge, or Hodge Podge)! Sarah, our cookie angel blessed us with BAGS of cookies she made all by herself the day before so that we could still indulge in cookies while we crafted, but not have to spend hours ruining them all! And Sarah is a GREAT baker! The cookies were SO yummy!

She even made the traditional rice krispy squares for Mary's 33rd birthday! Yum! The best part of this tradition however, has become the gift exchange we do! Last year, we picked names and bought eachother printed T-shirts to suit each other's personalities. This year, we did a jewelry exchange and we used the good ol' "Mother Right" story to exchange the gifts! What fun! The one thing that most clearly missing from this year's Crafts and Cookie Disaster was Nicole! My fellow pregnant friend who was under the weather and in no condition to fight over cookies, jewelry or Podge-Podge! But we missed her and we KNOW she's already looking forward to the theme for '09....until then! Hmm....could we call it the Cookie & Babysitting Disaster next year?? After all, between us there will be Jaxon, (who's the resident baby expert on this event,) 3 new Bunch Babies, a New Mikkelson baby, an older Mikkelson baby, and who knows how many babies might be in the oven....(Sarah? Mary?)

This is my favorite little "nephew" Jaxon and his "Aunt Ami"..please note his adorable onesie which states, "My Aunt Ami Loves Me!" And she does!
Though she didn't get a lick of help from any of us, Sarah gracefully produced bags and bags of cookies from the oven?? (Ok, maybe not THIS oven..) We can always pretend right??

And there's the crafters in action. It was no accident that Sarah is not in this picture! Though she graciously ended up helping Anabelle out, she was PERFECTLY OK with being the "craft watcher" and baker.

And here we are examing what new jewelry we each got in our RIGHT/LEFT game exchange!

Ta-Da! Here's our new jewelry! We missed you Nicole!

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Anabelle said...

This is my FAVORITE Christmas tradition! What fun! Can't wait for Crafts & Babysitting '09!

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