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Monday, January 5, 2009

The newest nursery dilemma...

Ok, so the other thing that came out of the Crafts and Cookie Disaster '08 was more fuel for the latest nursery dilemma...Ok, think back...remember when we thought we were having 3 boys?? And remember how proud I was of my Podge-Podged letters spelling out "baby boys" which I excitedly HOT-GLUED to the wall?? Ok, well that was one of the first bits of decor which needed to be, shall we say, "amended?" So Brian and I trotted off to JoAnn fabrics and got letters to spell out "little girl" which have since been Podge-Podged with coordinating Pink and Brown scrapbook paper...So that's all fine and good. Now the dilemma is this. Feel free to form your own opinion and perhaps even vote on the topic....(I hope I remember to create new poll when this entry is written).

Ok, here's the scoop.In the interest of space and not overcrowding ONE wall with a ba-jillion letters (basically having "baby boys" and "little girl" AND the 3 name plaques all on one wall,) we have opted to place the words, "little girl" on the adjacent wall (over the changing table and one of the cribs. Now, in doing so, that messes with our original "vision" of perfect symmetry and nursery harmony!

1. We had originally envisioned a boy crib on the left, girl in the middle and boy on the right. Blue-pink-blue. However, that leaves Baby Boy Ethan on the right side essentially under the words "little girl." (He might not mind now, but how about later in life??) So, that led to option 2.

2. We leave Colton on the left, put ETHAN in the middle and Baby Girl Hunter on the right, closer to the words "little girl." (essentially giving her her own wall.) So that makes the cribs Blue-Blue-Pink. Makes sense right? Sure, unless you are driven by the insane need for symmetry. (Remember blue-pink-blue?)

So anyway, please, feel free to form an opinion and make your vote! I will leave my own opinion a secret until further notice. (I woudn't want to taint the polling) In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of Mary, Anabelle, Sarah and I attempting to solve (argue) this very dilemma.

This is Mary (not so permanently) affixing part of "little girl" to the adjacent wall. Anabelle and Sarah each added several letters while I looked on from below. (People are very picky about letting pregnant people stand on stools!)
What does that look on my face say? Do I like this idea? Do I not? What do you think??

Here are the three amigas plotting their work...

And here they are looking quite happy with their progress! Now that that's been settled, where should Baby Girl Hunter go?? In the middle or on the right?....You decide!

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