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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Making Way For Baby Girl Hunter! (and her brothers...)

So I thought I'd just keep you all posted with what I do with my time nowadays...especially now that we have a little girl coming to join the fun....
Yesterday I bought 3 white boards that we will hang somewhere in their nursery (likely on the back of the door) where we can keep track of important information regarding each baby. (You know, so that when my LOVELY friends and family who have offered to come over and hold/feed a baby (and I remember who each and every one of you are!!) there will be a place to jot down feeding/diapering/napping info...I of course couldn't stand the ugly silver metal edges of the white boards, so they have been transformed into personalized boards with brown/blue or brown/pink. :)
These of course, are the newest set of letters, (Pre Modge-Podge and pretty pink and brown paper, of course). The exact placement of these letters in the nursery is yet to be determined...and I have to say, it wasn't until this exact moment that I sit typing this, that I am realizing that the 'i' in 'little' is actually a 'j'.....Oops. I guess I'll be going to JoAnn Fabrics today!

Ok turn your head to the right and you'll see that these wood letters spell out "CUB DEN". Brian has long referred to his babies as his little "bear cubs." So he requested that I do something creative to these letters so that he can put them on the OUTSIDE of the nursery door so that everyone will know where his "cubs" sleep. I am personally hoping they learn to hibernate....

I just thought this was worthy of being captured on film...When you give Brian a job, (Ex."Honey, would you please put away the diapers for me?)...This is what he comes up with! The top of the nursery closet is literally stacked from shelf to ceiling, based on the size of the diapers! Gotta love it!

And for those who believe in fate or perhaps some other greater power...tell me THIS was not a sign of things to come...Months ago, as most of you recall, we were being faced with the decision to reduce our pregnancy to twins or keep the triplets. After what seemed like an eternity, we decided for whatever reason, that we had been blessed with three babies and that is what we were going to move forward with.
Well, not long after that decision had been made, my dad called to tell me this great story. His law firm had recently taken on a new accounting/bookkeeping company. (Something like that...) So a representative from that new company stopped by the law firm one day with "gifts." Some took books and things to keep in the conference room/library, but when asked if anyone wanted a piggy bank, my dad said, "Well, sure. As a matter of fact, my daughter is having triplets, so we could use a piggy bank!" Well, as it turns out, the guy says, "I happen to have THREE piggy banks!" And so, with a shiver and smile, my dad proudly accepted not one, not two, but three piggy banks. He recently gifted them to us to keep in our babies' nursery. At the time, we all joked about whether or not I should paint the pink one brown or green or some other more "boyish" color...THANK GOODNESS I DIDN'T! Baby girl Hunter must've known she was about to make her debut!


Adam and Samantha said...

Congratulations on the baby girl!! You will have so much fun spoiling her! And I love the name Hunter for a girl, it's perfect!!!

Team Merson said...

I told Thomas that one baby is actually a girl and he asked how the doctor can tell. I told him about the machine that is like an x-ray that sees in your belly. I asked if he knew the difference between girls and boys. Yes, he does. Girls have longer hair and these (he cupped his hands in front of his chest to show breasts!). I had to point out the difference in their privates since babies don't have hair (or boobies) yet. Congratulations. Kim

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