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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


19 Weeks 5 Days
Sorry...I was lagging again in my "Weekly Belly Picture" series! So here is last week's picture. This was 19 Weeks 5Days. Someday I will no doubt regret that I have posted my picture in a BIKINI at 19 weeks pregnant, ON THE INTERNET!! But oh well...my motto through this entire quest to get pregnant has been , "It is what it is." Why stop now? Why hide the big 'ol belly? At least (and I think I have the Italian Russo genes to thank for this) there are STILL no stretch marks! Yippee! So anyway, why am I wearing a bikini in December? Well, I was again encouraged to get in a pool and float to take the weight off my back. Keep in mind, I am currently carrying 2 pounds of baby when I should be carrying 10 oz....Well, I realized that it IS December and the pool IS quite cold, so instead, my wonderful mom and dad heated their jacuzzi to warm pool temperature for me and the babies! I have to say, it was NICE!

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