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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Three Cribs and a Changing Table!!

Piper is showing you how much room is still left in the nursery even with 3 cribs and the changing table! Brian and I fully believe that once we lay a rug down there, Piper will start to sleep right there in the middle of the 3 babies! She's a very good watch dog!
This is obviously a view of one crib next to the changing table...which we inherited from my mom and dad! It's actually a buffet table they got at Target, but let me tell ya, it's perfect for this purpose as well!

Here's another view of the three cribs...I'm still undecided about whether our little girl will go in the middle crib or in the crib beside the changing table....if we put her there, then we will likely put the words "LITTLE GIRL" on her wall! We'll see!

This is the beginning stages of my baby organization! With some guidance from my baby mama friend Anabelle, she was helping me figure out what I would want most readily right there in the changing table! So for now, the left side is for boys...socks, onesies and sleepers....same on the right side, but for girls. Burp Cloths, Hats and Receiving Blankets in the middle....for now! I have no doubt it will change by the time the munchkins arrive!
And what to do with all the bath stuff?? Well, I cleaned out under one of the sinks in the guest bathroom upstairs and it is now BABY TOWN! We've got hooded towels, washcloths, and shampoo and baby wash galore! The baby tub is currently being "housed" in the big people bathtub!


Fisher Family said...

So you can come over any day and help me organize! : ) I change my mind just about every month of what will work where the best. Though having the "big" ones and the "lil" ones, we have very different needs. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Remember to REST! You will not get much one those precious ones arrive.

Anonymous said...

OK...so I haven't checked your blog recently and was so surprised to hear about the girl!!!! How very exciting for you - enjoy your time home, get lots of rest and you and the babies continue to be in our prayers! The Holt Family

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