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Friday, November 21, 2008

3 DUDES & a DIVA for a Mom!

Well, this has been a BIG day in the Bunch household! Went to our first "formal" ultrasound (yes, the other 80 were informal :) )where we measured all their heads, their arm bones, leg bones, brains, etc. and thus far, everything looks GREAT! No red flags, nothing to be alarmed about! Yay! Very exciting! But if you didn't get it from the title of today's blog, the most exciting news is of course, I remain the PRINCESS of my household, as Brian and I are having THREE BOYS! That's right! What do they say? Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails? Well, we're gonna have lots of that! As you can all imagine, Brian is elated and very proud! (Mainly proud that his sons' penises are already SO visible at 15W 4D.... :) But I am also VERY excited! Up until just recently in fact, I was the only one, out of 52 voters who voted that the babies would be 3 boys! Hmm....is that a mother's intuition or what? Anyhoo...I am going to spend the next few months online learning how to play football, soccer, baseball, how to hunt, build tree houses, dig for earth worms in the backyard, catch frogs, ride skateboards, etc. And I couldn't be more excited! So for all my friends with boys, (Dawn Ball, my fellow mother of 3 boys, you in particular) please feel free to send me boy tips! So finally, the planning can really begin....for those who are wondering, the names we are going with are A.) Colton Samuel B.)Ethan Bradley and C.)Hunter Jackson (Oh and both babies A and B weigh 5 ounces and Baby C weighs 6 ounces! ) Hmm...I just had a thought, does this mean I should stop calling them A, B, and C? Now that they can have real people names?? Hmm...something to think about. So anyway, our lives are about to change, dramatically! And as I look to the future, I chuckle at the thought of my loving brute of a husband toting his 3 triplet boys into the bathroom at Disneyland, and teaching them how to pee in a toilet, and ahh, the three weddings that I will NOT have to pay for..... :) Life is Good. :) So anyway, I'm sure there's more I'm missing and I will probably come back and add more later, but I just wanted to get this up and running for all to enjoy with us!
This is Baby A's uhh, "member"... (ok, actually I THINK this is the picture of the penis. I'm not positive.) We literally had about 50 pictures taken and she didn't print all of them...but A was definitely a boy!) I tried to upload his profile picture but it would only let me upload 5 pictures at a time! Bummer!!

Below is Baby B's profile and below that is his "twig." Look to the image on the left, it's the little "stick" thingy between the two bigger knees or whatever those are!"

And there's no mistaking this one for sure! This is Baby C's profile and below that is his little butt, 2 legs and his dinker! Poor kid! That picture is sure to surface later on in life!

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Anabelle said...

Hooray for 3 dirty, stinky, yet very adorable boys! Boys are the BEST. Colton, Ethan, & Hunter will have a very best friend in Jaxon! He is super excited to meet them and teach them everything he knows... mainly how to sleep through the night. :)

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