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Saturday, November 22, 2008

16 ounces of baby BOY in that belly!

Sorry, here is the long awaited belly picture! 15W 2D is when this was taken...Is that what 3 little boys do to you? Holy moly!:) Oh what fun!


Audrey said...

Now that's a belly!

jen adams said...

You have never looked more beautiful!

jrcoffey said...

The bunch boys in your belly :)

Melanie Carpenter said...

Yahoo!!!! Amy, we couldn't be happier for you and Brian. I love the blog and check it weekly. Hope our package arrived. Lily is great and all is good here in VT. Keeping you in our prayers.

Mel, Jeff and Lily

Darcy Townsend said...

So happy for you! You'll be so glad in 16 years that they are boys and not girls!!

Love, Auntie Darcy

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