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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Slight Update on the Names!

Ok, many have wondered where the names came from! So here it is...The first names: Colton, Ethan and Hunter came from hours of paging through baby name books and eliminating any name that formerly belonged to any student of mine. Amazingly, I've never taught a Colton, Ethan or a Hunter! The middle names however belonged to Brian's and my dad. Samuel is for my dad (Sam), Bradley is Brian's dad's name and poor Jackson, well, he was named after no one. Which is what led up to this new post! We decided that poor little Hunter would feel left out his whole life, so he shall now and forever on be named after his daddy! He will be called Hunter Brian! The teacher in me has decided that we will name the babies alphabetically by first name based on who is born first, second and third etc! That way I will always remember that Colton was first, Ethan was second, and Hunter was third! Gotta love teaching! So here's a picture of the wooden letter names and plaques I have begun...they were out of the letter 'r' for the time being...poor Hunte_. So our baby boys shall now and forever be called...

Colton Samuel
Ethan Bradley
Hunter Brian


Jen said...

They are all perfect names for your perfect little babies!

Adam and Samantha said...

Congratulations! Boys are so much fun, a little crazy, but so entertaining! And I love the names, especially Ethan, that's my favorite!!

Rowan said...

Ami & Brian.....3 boys! wow! congrats. love the names too. have a great thanksgiving. hi to the fam.

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