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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Confession Time

The kids had preschool summer camp today and had a great day. It was so blessed hot (think 105*) when I picked them up that I really wanted an ice cream from Baskin Robbins and was pretty sure they'd be up for it too....

Before we left preschool however, I noted that Colton was holding his crotch.

"Hey bud, you need to go pee?" 

"No mom. Well, yes. But I just want to go pee pee at your house."  (He only refers to it as MY house, never his or ours. I find this kind of funny.)

Well I can understand his desire to pee in the comforts of our home and we don't live that far from preschool anyway. So we buckled up and started driving. And then I started thinking about Cherries Jubilee ice cream and totally forgot about the whole pee thing.

"Hey kids, you want to get an ice cream cone?" 

"YEAH!" (Score!)

So we all file in, and everything is peachy keen. They make their way down the displays and finally select Mint Chocolate Chip (Hunter and Colton) and Vanilla (Ethan.) {Side note-Really? Vanilla? There are 31 flavors and he selects vanilla?? So not my kid. }

Anyway, I pass off 3 little cups of ice cream and as we sit down, I note that Colton is in some serious discomfort. As in, he might pee right then, right there, ON the CHAIR. He's almost out of breath as he struggles to hold it in.

And suddenly, I remember the pee thing.  

"Excuse me sir, you don't happen to have a restroom here, do you?"

"No, sorry." 

(While I secretly think they really DO have a bathroom, I know that he's just doing his job. I also wonder if he'll wish he'd just let us USE that 'secret' restroom when he's mopping up my kid's pee 18 seconds from then.)

"Okay, thanks," I mutter.

"Kids, grab your ice cream cups and come with me!"

And without the fuss I was sure that would cause, they followed. Like perfect little ducklings.
I got them to the car, where I opened up the driver side door,  shielding us from traffic on a main road.

All right, buddy. I need you to pee right here."

"Right here, mommy? Right here?" 

"Yep. Right here."

And he did. On the running board and everything.  :) But as you might imagine, he felt like a million bucks after that! I pulled up his little pants,  handed him back his ice cream, and back INTO Baskin Robbins we went! To enjoy our ice cream in the cool, air conditioned comforts of the ice cream shop!

Did I feel a little bit guilty? Yeah. But only a little. But then I just pretended he was just a little desert jackrabbit peeing near my car, and I felt much better about the whole situation. I mean, it was just pee...and for what it's worth, I DID explain that we were only peeing there because it was an EMERGENCY and that we wouldn't normally pee in a parking lot.  :)

Sometimes, you gotta do what ya gotta do.

So tell me, what would YOU have done in that situation? :)


Anabelle said...

Umm. That's illegal? Because I am CERTAIN Jaxon has peed in the parking lots of Michael's, the mall, Target, Fry's, school,and the ball park. I'm not even exaggerating. Peeing outside is a daily occurance around here. Does that make you feel better?

stacy t. said...

We (as in Colton) has peed allll over town! Parking lots everywhere! No lie....

Dawn Alexander said...

we keep a little potty in the van for situations just like that!

CMSavage6 said...

I have all girls so peeing outside was just never a viable option. We also had (and still have) a little "emergency" potty in our car. It comes in handy, especially for all those stores that don't have a bathroom.

Ann Brosnan said...

I'm not sure the Brosnan Boys would have EVER been potty trained if it weren't for peeing outside. soooo, yep! Been there, done that!

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that...although it took quite a bit of convincing for my boy to believe that it was OK to do so :)

Do you feel like you know where every single bathroom is in all the places you go? Sometimes I will go into a Circle K and think, "Oh, yes, this is the place where they wouldn't let me use the bathroom with a potty-training little one." I also know which bathrooms are creepy, dirty, clean, and just plain cute!

Kathy Meindl

Shayla said...

OH YES. We have peed in alot of places. Funny story (which as a flight attendent you would appreciate) Finishing a flight home from Hawaii. 30mins to landing, 4 year old says I have to pee, stand up to head to the washrooms and turbulance. So I know there will be no time to get up to pee till we are off the plane, and knowing my 4 year old that just wont cut it. So I grab on of my 2 year olds diapers, pull down his pants while still buckled in and told him to just pee as I held the diaper solidly against his crotch. Took some convincing but he had no other option. Peed with no mess. Thank god for boys!

Anonymous said...

Son, it's okay. I still pee all around town!

The Alexanders said...

I would have done the EXACT.SAME.THING!!! And also two of our three get mint chip and our third plain chocolate...too weird!!!

Baby Trend Stroller said...

Well, i guess it's an emergency so you don't have to bother about that. It's better that he pees in the parking lot than to suffer from kidney stones. LOL

thechillydog said...

Just be happy it was Colton and not Hunter :)

Lynn@FernAvenueBlog said...

I've missed you and your stories..I love it!! There are days I wish my girls could do the boy pee thing. Oh don't get me wrong we've had emergency squats but it's not as easy. Hope you guys are enjoying the summer!!

Spring said...

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