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Sunday, May 12, 2013

You can't make this stuff up.

One of the most fascinating aspects of having triplets is observing how very different they are, even after having been exposed to the EXACT same life experiences since they were conceived. I recall one of our early well visits to see Dr. Goldberg when they were just babies and something about our conversation ended with Dr. G saying (half joking, half serious), "Get ready. She (Hunter) will forever be smarter than they (the boys.)" 

Well I'm here to confirm that so far, that statement is entirely true. She's wise beyond her years. Her use of language, both literal and even figurative is really quite astounding. Let's just say, girl pays attention. 

Her brothers are smart. Don't get me wrong. But they are book smart. They know letters and sounds, and a crap ton of sight words, they know numbers and can count....but they don't 'problem solve' or use 'logical reasoning' quite as proficiently as their sister. Yet. (See, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.) 

To illustrate this point, I'll share an anecdote about each boy. Both events happened within two days. (And both boys will probably hate me someday for sharing these.) But this stuff is too good not to share.  :) Sorry, boys.  It's my job. And it's Mother's Day, so I can pretty much do whatever I want.  

SUBJECT: Ethan Bunch
The subject had awoken at his usual time, approximately 8:00 am. After watching some cartoons to start the day, he eventually made his way to the table to have breakfast. On the end of the table was some laundry that I had not put away. One of these items was a strapless bra. The subject picked up the bra and said, "Mommy, what's this?" Knowing full well that he's seen me put these on before, I jokingly said to him, "It's a hat." Then I turned to finish pouring cereal, etc. and only turned back when he said, "Mommy I don't know how this goes." 

And there, is my child, with my bra on his head, truly trying to figure out what kind of fandangled hat it is and how in the WORLD do we secure it :) 

Oh, Ethan. You keep my life exciting.  I love you. 

SUBJECT: Colton Bunch
This afternoon, after making our way home from an outing, we made the kids go pee as soon as we arrived. Hunter and Ethan both went  and then made their way to the couch to snuggle with Brian and me. Colton was the last to go. Finally hearing the toilet flush, we were preparing to make the announcement that it was nap time. After the flush, Colton made his way to the living room where the rest of us were relaxing. Two toys in his hand, the child waddled into the living room (a good 25-30 feet) with his underwear stretched from leg to leg, down around his ankles. 

Thinking that he was (surely) about to pull his underwear up, Brian and I made idle chit chat. Aaannd, still no move to do anything about his 'roos. Instead, he stood at the couch playing with his toys. 

Brian and I are totally laughing about this, and even more so when Brian says to him, "Hey Colton, did you forget something?" 


"Are you sure about that?" he asks again. "You didn't forget to do anything?"


"So...nothing strikes you funny right now, big guy?" 

{Colton holds up his two toys.} "These?" 

At this point, Hunter is also in on the action and (she sees the humor in this of course, because she's wise like that) chimes in also. 

"Colton, are you sure you didn't forget to do something?"

Brian then says, "Well let's think. You went in to go to the bathroom....so you had to pull DOWN your underwear. Then you went pee and so...do you think there's anything you should do now?"

{Colton, still making no moves to pull up his 'roos, but smiling because I think he's starting to see the humor in the fact that 4 of us are questioning him to the nth degree.)

Finally, I chime in. "So, do you feel a cool breeze at all, bud?"

Brian, finding great humor in the situation but also growing impatient caps off the entire conversation with this little gem. "Hey Colton. Look down. Can you see your pe.ni.s?"

{Colton looks down nods his head yes.}

"Well if you can see it, then you may have forgotten to do something important after you went pee."


The lightbulb turned on and the underpants went up. I kid you not, people. I cannot make this stuff up. 

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother's Day everyone! 

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