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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thank you!

Thank you everyone! What a fun few weeks it was, watching where this contest took us! Back and forth and back and forth! We ended in 3rd place which is Fantastic!  Love you all! 

If you like, click the picture below to read my "Interview Questions." And if you don't want, I copied them here,  below the picture.  :) 



I have appreciated all the gestures and cookies, etc. from my students, which reminded me that I am not only a Teacher this year, I'm a parent of kids who ALSO have teachers.

What to do...what to do....
I had a totally different idea planned, but while walking around a dollar store, I saw these cute tissue boxes and immediately had a thought--

"Thanks for softening the blow"...
of having my 3 babies start school at the same time." 
With a Starbucks card and tissue paper coming out of the hole, to look like tissue.  Pretty cute in person. And TOTALLY FROM THIS LITTLE HEAD!  No Pinterest, no nothin!  :) Just me. 

Anyhoo, a big thank you to Mrs. Moten and Mrs. Castillo for all the love you give my kids. I know they are far from perfect, and I thank you for helping to shape those little people of mine :) 

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