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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Short and Sweet

Unfortunately my to-do list tonight trumps an exciting post. Soo, I thought I'd share some odds and ends. 

First of all, once you get past the red fleece jammies... in Arizona... in May, please look at my dog, Piper's eyes. Is it just me or is this picture cracking anyone else up? She looks none too thrilled to be getting SQUEEZED by lil' Miss Hunter.  Are her eyes going to bulge right out of her head? 

Second, she wasn't even 4 yet. Nope. Still 3 and posing like a little champ. Are we in trouble or are we in trouble? Her brothers and her daddy and going to have to keep an eye on this one!

 And then there's my handsome little men. 

Yeah, I pretty much love them.   

And thanks to my friend and sorority sister for sending this to me yesterday! She was in a Hanger Clinic up in the North Scottsdale area and she walked in and saw THIS hanging on the wall! I was so excited! I've only seen it in a book and on a big cardboard cutout! Those are my babies (and I'd like to note that I aged about 15 years on this particular day....that, I'll never forget.  :)

Thank you very much, Auntie Jen. The scooters are a favorite.They travel back and forth to Grammy's and our house. Now let's discuss when they became so grown up. Oh right, you wouldn't remember.....because I haven't blogged their birthday yet!!! Aahhh!

How can I resist these next two...
Ethan and Gigi just enjoying a little sunbathing.

But {almost} always the gentleman, Colton walks Gigi back in. She's practically 103. She deserves the royal treatment! 

Such gentleman. When they want to be.  :) 

Now for real, I gotta go.  

Thanks for the crunch time votes! It's over tomorrow! So you might be able to vote one more time! But I promise I'll be happy where ever we end up! Thanks for the support!  :)

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