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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Safety First!

I mentioned a couple posts ago how much Hunter loves to be wherever her daddy is....this weekend was no exception.  Brian has been working feverishly on his trailer in the back yard. By 'working,' I mean cutting, welding, painting, etc. It needs to be ready in time for Hunting, you know. 

Good thing he had two helpers! (Actually, he did have three, but Colton somehow stepped out of this photo op. )

Pretty confident when I say the kids could've cared less about the actual 'work', they were simply thrilled to be wearing their Safety Equipment! (Good thing Dad keeps eight thousand pairs of ear protectors around here.) 

 Watching from the safety of the nearby chair. 

 And this little monster, fresh from the tub made me think of a new funny 'Colton-ism' that has been heard quite frequently lately....
As you might imagine, when they get out of the tub, I often say something like, "Look at you! All nice and clean and soaking wet!" 

I NOW realize that he has overgeneralized what is, in fact, proper usage of this phrase. For instance, he can often be heard proclaiming something to the effect of: 

Mommy, I'm 'soaking' tired! 


I'm 'soaking' hungry!

or  better yet

Mom? I'm 'soaking' sad. 

Man, kids say the funniest stuff. I wish I could keep them small forever. 


Michelle Thomas said...

I'm soaking tired too Colton, I get it ;)

Jen said...

THAT is soaking hilarious! :)

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