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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

'Snug as a buggin in a ruggin'

I love it when they say funny things. Absolutely love it.

Tonight, when I tucked them in bed, Hunter said, "Snug as a buggin in a ruggin." (That's right sweet pea!)

She's also said 'damn it' about 4 times this week. Kinda funny, but really not so much.  Brian and I have both had to chat with her about this. I'll give her credit for using it at appropriate times. {ie. she spilled all her crackers, dropped her spoon, etc}but coming from a 3 year old's mouth? Not so much.

Earlier today Colton asked for pizza butter. I first thought he was asking for a piece of butter {GAG}, but then realized he was talking about Peanut Butter!!}

And Ethan, well he's just gettin' bossy. He doesn't like your suggestion? "Hold on, Mommy!" Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. That kid knows what he wants, when he wants it.

Because I'm having an extremely difficult time keeping my eyes open tonight, all I'm gonna leave you with is this--Be honest. Fess up if you had an awesome charm necklace this one. Cuz it's crazy to me that Hunter (and the boys, really) want to play with this necklace. I think they should bring em back!!

Anyway, is it June yet? lol...


Dawn Alexander said...

Yup I had one - totally forgot about it until I saw this picture. And BTW I love reading your blog - your trio is almost exactly one year older then mine so it is fun to see what is coming up for us. Also I steal your ideas! We bought Preschool Prep because of one of your posts and the kids are learning tons - thanks for that - I have a post started where I give you credit! We also did fingerpainting similar to what you did. Thanks for posting! It means a lot to our family.

Anabelle said...

OMG! I had a necklace or bracelet like that too! I think I had some of those charms too. How fun! Wish I would have kept all that crap, I mean stuff.

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