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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

36 and the Fair

36 Math Report Cards,
36 Reading Report Cards, 
and 36 Father's Day Projects later....

I am TIRED! (Seems to be a theme....) 

But I'll still show ya some photos from the fair....from about a month ago....(don't judge.)  :)

Me, Mary, my kids and my niece met Anabelle and Jaxon at the fair. 
 In this photo, I was trying to get the Beer Sign above the kids. I wanted one so badly! It was so flippin hot. (but I didn't.)

 Looks to me like they just made it to 36"!
 Unfortunately, most everyone disagreed with me and would not allow Hunter and Ethan to ride on the 'bigger' little kid rides. So, so, so sad. Cue me pleading with nearly every attendant, "Please....they are TRIPLETS. I cannot let one go and not the others. (And we're talking about a 1/4" here or less.) So frustrated...So this little train is the only ride they were allowed to ride. Talk about disappointing. 

Luckily, they loved the train!
 And so did Brinley!

 Learning how to be a farmer. She's weighing the beans.

 Milking the plastic cow....
 Finding vegetables in the garden...
 And looking at the animals, of course!!

 Ethan...captain no fear!
 Um, this sign just cracked me up. 

 Their favorite part was going into the petting zoo. 

And that's it. Eyelids are closing. I'm sorry it's so lame. I cannot keep my eyes open!! 


Anonymous said...

You are not alone. I totally would have allowed all three of the kids to go on the rides that they need to be 36" to go on. Hopefully the next time you go, everyone will be able to ride the rides.

Anabelle said...

I love how every time we get together Jaxon & your kids are dressed in similar colors.... without any planning!

And watching Ethan & Jaxon kissing the goat was hilarious! How neither one got bit is beyond me!

Next year 4 kids will be riding the rides & 2 girls will be watching from the sidelines.

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