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Saturday, October 22, 2011

What's your flavor?

As Baskin Robbins' goes, I'm a Cherries Jubilee kinda girl. 
Have been for at least 15 years. 

I'm not sure whose tastebuds I inherited, because I can confidently assert that both my mom and dad (and even my sister, for that matter)  almost always lean toward the chocolate-ish flavors while I always lean towards the fruity ones. (With the exception of say, a raspberry-swirled-chocolate. That IS something my mom might get. Okay, and she does love a good strawberry cheesecake.) 

And then there's Brian. I've often thought maybe I inherited HIS dad's taste buds. Over the years, I've discovered that he and I have many common food loves....cherry pie being one of them. (Hence, the cherries jubilee.)

Brian? Not so much. He's a mint chocolate chip kinda guy. "Fruit doesn't go in ice cream," he'd say.

So the question remains- Whose taste buds will our kids inherit?

For now, it doesn't matter because I pick for them! And tonight screamed Rainbow Sherbet all around! 

So, anyhoo, there was no occasion for this outing. 

Just a dad realizing that he often comes home from work so late that he misses out on the fun stuff. So he made a deal with his little girl the night before, that we would go get ice cream when he got home. I'm sure by now you don't need me to tell you that she remembered. 
 About 12 times that day, she remembered. 
So here we were. On an ice cream date with their daddy. (And me too.)  :) 

Much like I might window shop at Bloomingdales in NYC....

"The Boys," as Hunter refers to them. 

This face...I love this face. She's such a squirt. 

And this face...

And this face...
And this face. 

AND this face! 

The fam. Thank  you nice stranger lady for taking our picture. 

Such the ham, he is. 

Playing 'guess which hand it's in," with Daddy.

My little girl and me

These next two photos are two of my favorites I've taken in a long time. For one thing, the fact that they orchestrated the two photos so perfectly reminds me that she's not a baby anymore. She is a little human and she 'gets' us. It's such a weird feeling to be able to talk to your 'baby' and say, "Okay, now put your hand like this, and don't smile." And then say, "okay this time, let's smile." It's sort of surreal, really. 

So here they are. 
Don't smile....


Hunter Olivia, you are such a precious little thing. 

And you boys...so rough and tumble. Could you be any sweeter? Watch the interaction between these two. They kept holding hands and then they'd fling their hands in the air and then do it again. 

Then Dad suggested "knuckles"

I believe there was even a Lightning McQue.en inspired "Ka-CHOW" at the conclusion of this "fist bump." 

This was a great little outing with my little family. 
The ice cream was simply a bonus.  :-)


The Hurley's said...

Love this post! I am also not a chocolate kind of person. Your kids are too cute for words!

Anabelle said...

So happy I went to BR tonight or I would have been an unsatisfied prego after reading this post.

I go with Cookies and Cream EVERY time. And Jaxon has inherited his Daddy's ice cream taste buds... chocolate all the way.

Mary said...

Such cute photos...I agree that it is so crazy that Hunter is able to carry on a conversation and to hear the vocabulary she has...such a smartie!

Auntie Val said...

Love love love this post and the photos. Such a beautiful little family and a wonderful outing for you to remember and cherish. We walk away from our visits with your kiddos in awe of the amazing little people you have raised and the fun we have. Each of their personalities just melt our hearts. Ka-Chow!!!!

"Ponka" said...

Watching Hunter grow and develop is like watching you, Ami, grow up all over again. And that was a joy ...

Abbey said...

Such a great family night out! The pictures are so precious and I love the "window shopping" one! :)

Anonymous said...

Fruity ice cream rules! When will you tell us their halloween costumes?!

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