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Monday, October 24, 2011

Shut the Front Door!

Last week-Baskin Robbins.
This week-The Mall. 
Brian needed a couple of dress shirts so rather than just go solo, you know, in peace and quiet, at his own pace, with the ability to look wherever he wants for however long he wants, he invited us.  :) 
His little home zoo. 

They were awesome! There was no stroller involved (it was at home) so they were FREE! But they do so well nowadays staying together. 

Here they are perusing Dillard's.

 Hunter is shopping for some gloves. She must be anticipating a cold winter. 

You can never go wrong with mirrors. They were so funny. 

 She's wondering why she can't see him in her mirror and he's wondering where she is in his mirror. Funny  kids. 

Peek-a-boo around the circular shirt display! 

Next Stop? "The Finish Line"
They crack me up, because they refer to all benches as "couches". 
"Mama? I sit on the couch?" 

And then they parted ways and each found his own couch! 
Ethan's couch

Colton's couch on the left and Hunter's couch on the right. 

New Shoes? Nah. Not today. 

Yes, I made them pose on another 'couch' just outside the mall....will they ever all be looking at the camera at the same time ever again? 

Another good outing! 

Now, moving on to our next topic.
 If you are easily grossed out or are squeamish, you are free to skip this next photo. 
I'm really only blogging it because doesn't everyone need photographic proof of this type of thing? 

Hunter has woken up from naptime with a bloody nose. I sat her up on my bathroom counter and we wiped the blood off her face. I had no Q-Tips up there to swipe the inside of her nose to really clean her up, so we proceeded to go downstairs. She played for a little while and then I noticed her nose was starting to look "drippy" again. So I got some Q-Tips, wet them and started swiping the inside of her nostril. I could tell she had some major coagulation goin on in there and that we were going to need a tissue.  I grabbed a paper towel and held it to her nose. "Blow, Hunter." 

And that she did. Right into my tissue. 
(She's very good at blowing her n nose.)

And lots of blood came out as WELL as this....

In case you need some help here-That's blood and that black ring is a rubber elastic for her hair! Good times, folks. I'm only unsure about whether it went in through the ol' nostril or if she swallowed it and then somehow aspirated it back up through her throat and nose? Is that even possible? WHO KNOWS?! Either way, don't all parents wonder what things their children put in their noses.  :) I actually thought it was the first time she has done this, but as I sit here, I am remembering that it  was Hunter who jammed a vanilla yogurt covered raisin up her nose a year ago or so.

I can only wonder who and what will be next. 

And then there's THIS! "Shut the Front Door" are the exact words that left my mouth when I first saw it! I just KNEW IT! I knew it was something everyone hoped and wished for! In my most recent Toys R book,  I see this! 
And now, in case you  are blind like I am....
 Triplets! This is hilarious!! I may have to get some! 
Oh right, I already have some!  :) 


Kim said...

I miss working at Toys R Us and seeing all of the new toys coming out - triplets? Very nice!
Hope you washed Hunter's rubber elastic before putting it back in her hair.
Love the stories Ami, you guys rock! Dave

Abbey said...

Oh my gosh I can't not believe those dolls! I kind of want some for the girls! ;)

Jeremy DeBauche said...

Wow, that's pretty disgusting :) It really does make you wonder how the band was "consumed." Did she really sit there patiently trying to push the whole thing in so far that no one would notice? But, if she ate it, why would it be coming out her nose? Regardless, it must have been quite the daily surprise. By the way, didn't you know that everyone secretly wishes they had triplets? I bet the ones in the store will be much less expensive to maintain though...

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