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Friday, August 19, 2011

Well that could've been embarrassing.

Remorse and sorrow. Do they exist within little minds? I'm inclined to think they do, which frankly sort of amazes me.

In a fit of rage tonight (well, he took her car, what was she supposed to do?) my little girl reached out with raging claws and scratched my leg (in her mind, it was her brother, who was seeking refuge on my lap.)

I said softly and sadly, "Hunter, why did you scratch mommy?" Well stop everything. That face so filled with rage turned so sorrowful and so remorseful as she pleaded with me to get the superman ice pack from the freezer.

On the couch, my little bitty nurse tended to my wounds. She lovingly patted my shin where she had scratched me while sweetly uttering the words, "Oh mommy. Owie. Oh mommy, I so sorry mommy. I hurt you mommy. I so sorry."

I of course assured her that I was going to live, and yet she continued to check back on my owie for the next half hour or so.

She's a worrier, that Hunter. And I adore that she can sense other people's hurt.


Colton has become increasingly attached to his mini Lightning McQueen car. He holds it in his grubby hands all day long. He takes it to bed with him, and late at night when I go to bed and do my last check of my sweet, sleeping babies, I pry the sweaty car from his still tightly clenched fist. I love how their interests change.

He spent the day playing with his brother and sister (and his grammy) and apparently spouted off the phrase "Knock it off" so many times everyone lost count. ( I'll tell you right now, THAT is a daddy phrase.) Yes, we are in the age of repeating everything.

Ethan has found his words AND his confidence. This kid is blossoming into a full blown talker. Now that he's found his voice, he's so much less afraid to use it. I'm so proud of him. He is reading letters and numbers like a champ these days-on books, on TV, in the newspaper, etc. And when he wants to be, he is a very good sharer.

Today, my mom filmed Ethan and Hunter sitting on the couch with a chalkboard between them. They were taking turns drawing and then erasing the chalkboard with a wet rag. Then they'd pass the chalk to the other person. Furthermore, when asked to draw an oval or a circle (er-excuse me, "a seeckle") he drew a near perfect 2 year old oval. It was pretty incredible...

And what a sweet smile he had while watching old home videos of themselves as babies wearing newly fitted helmets. That is a great feeling as a parent. And I was reminded once again....my kids were happy. And still are.


Now let's get to the embarrassing part. Not sure I how I didn't feel a draft on my own, but as I prepared to walk out of my house for work this morning, I was kindly asked by Mary, "You know those have a huge hole in them right?" Uh yes...Sure, I did....er, now I do. Wow. Can you just hear what 40 5 year olds might've said? Awesome.
(Seriously could not get it to rotate. Weird. It's fighting with me tonight. Anyhoo, you get the idea, I'm sure.) Enjoy the weekend everyone!


Anabelle said...

LMAO AGAIN!!! Thanks so much for posting this picture! It is still hilarious the second time around. I wish that Mary wouldn't have noticed it, only to see who would have said something to you. Of course, you would have had a spare pair of pants in your car. :)

I think you are now up to 155 followers

Mary said...

You are right Anabelle... or she definitely would have had a jacket to wrap around her (like she did for me to when I wore the see through dress).

I love hearing Ethan talk to much...especially when someone is leaving the house or when he leaves a house...he is too cute!

mommytocutiepie said...

Love that hunter is so attentive. Made my heart melt reading that. I swear that babies have this sense if you're hurt even as an infant. My 2 yr old always is concerned too, even when its not a physical ailment but I just look sad. It gets to me every time. Quite amazing how these lil ones have that capacity.

Jeremy DeBauche said...

Your kids are so cool. By the way, love the pants :)

mom/jiji said...

Love your blog! I am a kindergarten teacher and grandmother to 2 year old twin girls as well as an 8 month old girl. So fun reading about your triplets! I am EXHAUSTED after first day of school with 13 boys and 9 girls! Don't know how you handle it all!

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