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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weeds and Roots

Things to add to the list-the list of interesting facts about me....You know, the one where I proclaimed to love blood and gore and shark attacks (AND fluffy bunnies). Well I'd like to add the degree to which I despise ventriloquism. And I mean DESPISE. I don't know why, really. I simply find it to be one of the most irritating, annoying 'hobbies' ever. My jaw gets all tense just watching people try to do ventriloquism. Yech...

Add to that, number 27: I LOVE to pull weeds. Almost as gratifying as vacuuming, but a little more work. I hate that they grow so rampant here, and I hate how much they love my backyard, but nonetheless, I love pulling them. Particularly after the monsoon rains when the rock hard ground is actually kind of soft.

After a loooong day at work yesterday, with my own classes and getting stuff ready for mine and my sister's classrooms, (yes, we'll get to that, soon). I came home to a slightly overcast sky, shockingly mild seeming temperature and 3 kids who were eager to play outside. So Brian and I pulled weeds while the kids played.

As with most things, before too long, I realize that we are joined by little "helpers." And who I am to deny any human being the pleasure of pulling weeds? Especially when those humans are my offspring whom I fully intend to use for their slave labor in years to come. :)

So we pulled. MOST of us pulled from the roots, OTHERS of us ripped the foliage off the tops leaving the root and stem. But hey, it's a start. The best part is that they adopted my trademark grunt when pulling particularly stubborn weeds. Hunter and Colton actually sit in the rocks to brace themselves and then pull with all their little mights while grunting their best grunts. They are hilarious. (Even funnier is how Hunter grunts for me anytime she sees me try to do anything that looks strenuous, like open a new jar of pickles, lift a new box of cat litter, etc.) She's so smart it's scary sometimes.

But I digress. May I just say how proud I was of how well they followed suit in my "weed pulling strategery" (yes, that's a Bunch Family word, much like "automagically." As in, "Just one day after pulling weeds, they seem to have automagically reappeared.") They began their weed pulling all willy nilly, pulling here and there and everywhere, but realized before long that mom actually had a plan. We pull weeds in grid like fashion. Start in one area and concentrate there until all the weeds in that section of your imaginary grid are gone. Then move on. So to assist them with this, we began counting. Each of us in the same little section counted to 10, (pull one weed for each number) and before we knew it, we had cleared a little section quite nicely! I must say, I was quite impressed with them!

I grabbed the camera to take some pictures of my wee gardeners and should have known that Hunter would want to take some of her own. Cameras are kind of 'her thing' right now, except rarely is she allowed to use a real one! So I let her take some photos. :) Enjoy. I deleted the ones of my butt and my chest and up my nose. You're welcome.

Welcome to Hunter's Photo Gallery

(I obviously took the last 2)

So we dealt with the weeds for a good solid hour and then decided to call it quits and deal with the roots. MY ROOTS. It has been more than 5 months since I'd dyed my hair and it was time. Unfortunately, they discontinued the color I've used for years which left me to purchase a similar color in a different brand. SCARY....Naturally I chose Friday night to do it so that we would have a full weekend to fix it if need be.
Yes, you should be afraid.
I figured if I drank enough wine, it wouldn't matter how it turned out. Right? :) Anyhoo, I do actually like the color, but I would be lying if I said I didn't notice the deep reddish/purple 'shine' you see particularly in bright light or sunlight. So pretty much anywhere. :) I know it'll tone down in a week or so, so in the meantime, it's okay if you look at me funny. I won't be offended.

And I'll leave you with these photos of my 'big' little girl who has mastered the art of wearing a bra. Just like her mommy, she is.

Sigh...they grow so fast.
Happy Saturday Friends!


Charlotte Hoffner said...

I think you are a sick person for liking to pull weeds....that said, I think Hunter has photography in her future and I love to apply hair color so call me next time! I'm experienced, I promise!

Mary said...

A busy Saturday for the Bunchkins! Just think of all the chores they will be able to do as they get older : )

Anabelle said...

When I read a post like this I wonder, "How in the world are we good friends?" Pulling weeds, a pleasure? FIVE months since you have dyed your hair? Clearly opposites attract! :)

PS I agree with Charlotte, Hunter may have a future in photography.

Courtney said...

I know I don't know you even a tiny bit, but I have to tell you: I'm so glad you're back doing a blog-a-day!

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