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Sunday, August 7, 2011

To be or not to be a triplet

Not gonna lie....still weird that I can actually say 'I know what it's like to have triplets.'

I often think back to my high school & even college days when "family planning" was more about choosing which hot celebrity hunk would be 'my future husband' and whose darling children I hoped my own would resemble. It was more about tearing pictures out of Better Homes and Gardens magazines of awesome children's rooms. You know, the kind with bunk beds and great chalkboard walls? Pictures I would recreate in my own children's bedrooms what with the plethora of money I would have earned from my high paying Editor's job.

In my real life, family planning was considerably less glamorous, as it usually involved a sterile room, a few doctors and some tiny little embryos who carried with them every ounce of hope I had in me that even one would become a heartbeat.

There was not one moment in my life that I ever said to myself, "Wouldn't it be cool to have triplets?" I mean really, does anyone utter those words? I DO remember thinking how great it would be to have twins. That I remember. In fact, I'll even go so far as to admit thinking that I should marry some guy who has twins in his family, since they do not run in mine. But never did I imagine triplets. Heck, I'd never even seen triplets in my real life.

But by golly, I have em now.
And I know em.
And darn, if I don't love em with every ounce of my being.

Even on days like today when there's just not enough me to go around. Days when everyone wants a piggy back ride and everyone wants to sit on the counter and do 'their makeup' and everyone wants to stir the pasta, and everyone wants a push on the slide and most importantly, everyone wants to be held. Somedays I just can't be there for everyone at once. It's frustrating for them and even more so for me.

Sometimes it's hard to be a mom.

And just when I'm at my wit's end (which happens very rarely), they do something like this.

They watch Tangl.ed together in a laundry basket
and periodically call out "Hugs! Hugs Etan!"

And they insist on ALL wearing hats at breakfast.

So yeah, I know what it's like to have triplets.

And I wonder if they'll always appreciate what a unique relationship they have.
What a cool life this is. :)


Mary said...

They are lucky to have each other...even if they don't always realize it : ) I can't wait to watch them grow up together!

The Alexanders said...

This post could not have come at a better time! We
Had a rough day today and it is nice to know we are not alone! And your bunchkins in a laundry
Basket....doesn't get any cuter than that!

April said...

The hats at breakfast is so adorable! They are such sweeties.

Jeremy DeBauche said...

I love this post! I read it to Meg. Honestly, I never dreamt of twins or triplets. It never even crossed my mind, but when Meg and I had our first discussions about children, she shared that when she was younger, she always hoped to have twins. Well, she's going to end up with twins and a bonus triplet :) Not sure what's better than that. Is the twins dream really that common amongst women?

Anabelle said...

You sound like me this weekend... totally at my wits end, wanting to leave him on the side of the road when he kisses the baby and says, "I love you Baby Brother.
Seriously?! These kids know how to get back on our good side.

Sarah said...

so cute! and i love the hats at breakfast :) inquiring minds are dying to know about the rest of their outfits though... hunter is wearing long sleeves, colton is wearing short sleeves and ethan is wearing no shirt at all! just wondering if there is a method to this madness ;)

Sarah said...

Nice to know the "Holy crap, I have triplets" never goes away.

I love the laundry basket! Looks comfy.

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