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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Small Wonders

In case you hadn't rushed out to buy your 'Meet the Letters/Colors/Shapes/Numbers' Videos yet, GO DO IT now! I am absolutely astounded at how much the kids know! All three of them! They know their letters, they know their shapes, they know the numbers 0 -10. For crying out loud, Hunter knows what an Octagon is! And Ethan proudly proclaims "Ti-rangle" when he sees a triangle! What's more impressive though is that they notice shapes and letters and numbers all over the place, not just while watching the videos. (Which, by the way, they request by name). "Mommy, letters?" , "Mommy Shapes?"

Case in point. Last night, I was snuggling Colton, holding him and gently swaying back and forth. We were standing near the couch, when suddenly and excitedly, Colton starts saying, "Seeckle", "Seeckle". It took me a minute to see what he was looking at, when I finally noticed where he was pointing.

The couch.

One of the kids' sippy cups had left an imprint in the suede of the couch and Colton noticed it was a "circle!" I love it!

I think I'm ready to start them on their sight words! (You think I'm joking?)
Just you wait...


Mary said...

I'm so impressed that they are recognizing the shapes in other situations...Do they make one for me to learn Spanish : )

I feel like it's been forever since I've spent time with them...this bed rest certainly has some disadvantages...

Love his blue eyes!

Mrs. Lofgren said...

Wow! I already took your advice and got the letters DVD! Andy LOVES it!!! Guess I'll have to break down and add the other ones to our collection! :)

The Alexanders said...

Awesome!!! I ordered them after your last post about them and they just arrived on Friday!!!

Adam and Samantha said...

Just ordered them! Thanks, I've been looking for something like that =)

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