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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lots to say for such a little thing

Anytime people ask about the kids' language development, I often say we've got one speaking 1 or 2 word phrases, one speaking 2 and 3 words phrases and one speaking in sentences. But it occurred to me that years from now, I would not remember just how true that was. So I have decided to be better about recording the things they are saying at just a month shy of 2 and a half years old.

This morning, almost immediately after being pulled out of her crib, Hunter says to me:

"Ohh! Fingoonayo Mommy. (fingernail)
Oh no! Fick it mommy? (fix it)
Mommy fickin the nayo Hunter?"

[Mommy clips the hangnail and files all edges smooth.]

Ow! Dat hurts! Ow, Mommy! {for the record, it did NOT hurt.}

I'm sorry Hunter.

I sowwy Mommy.

You don't have to be sorry, Hunter. Mommy's sorry I hurt you.

Mommy, paintin the nayo? Paintin the fingoonayo toes, mommy?

[Mommy paints Hunter's fingers and toes pink.]

Oooh. It's sho pitty mommy. (It's so pretty).
Hunter nayos sho pitty.


At breakfast, the kids were all eating cereal and a pop tart. Hunter noticed that Colton had made quite a mess on the table and from the kitchen, I heard the following (mostly one way) conversation ensue.

Uh oh! Oh! Messy!
Mommy, need wash. Mommy? Need wash please. (nice manners, eh?)

[Mommy hands Hunter a wet rag and watches as she proceeds to wash the table in front of Colton.]

Mess! Oh Co-tin! Messy.
All done! Mommy I washing.

Good job, Hunter. Thanks for washing the mess.

All done Mommy! Put away?

[Brings the rag back to the sink, and goes back to the table.]

All done!

[Scoots Colton's chair away from the table.]

All done Co-tin (Colton)
E-tin all done? (Ethan)
Want get out? E-tin out of chair?
Want dwink E-tin?
Ooh. It's cold. Dwink is Cold.

[Gets both boys out of chairs.]

Kay boys. Come on boys.
We go outside.
Coming? Coming?


Man, she sure is a busy body. Gotta love her.

As for me, thanks for all the concern. I feel a TON better today than I did yesterday. The kids were kind enough to sleep until 9:05 this morning, so that helped me get caught up on my own sleep. Here's hoping there's no coughing tonight. :)


Anabelle said...

Love kid speak! She's such a little mama. She sure is going to make a good wife :).

Grampa Sam said...

Anabelle is right; Hunter will make a good wife ... or drill sergeant! Love you.

Mary said...

Emilio would like to borrow Hunter so she can teach Brinley about cleaning and keeping things organized : )

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