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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ice Cream & Anecdotes

The last day of every school year, I think of Alice Cooper.

You know you do too. Sing it with me.. "SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER..."

Summer vacation....aaaaahhh! Why is it such a great feeling? Um, probably because I'm a teacher and we feel exactly the same way the kids do on the last day of a school year! FREEDOM! Just knowing you don't HAVE to wake up early (but you do anyway, cuz it feels so much better when you do it of your own accord.)

Lists of things to do & things to accomplish line the refrigerator on each of your $1 'Magnetic 'To Do' Pads from Michaels. Some of those 'to-do's' get done and others will move to the next vacation's list. Either way, summer vacation is bliss! (Admittedly not AS freely enjoyable when you have three 2 year olds messin with your tasks.) Some days I swear we have opposing lists...

For example:

My List: Clean & Reorganize playroom
Their List: Play with every toy and throw it in the middle of the floor.

My List: Wash the windows
Their List: Put sticky peanut butter fingers all over the windows.

My List: Sort the outgrown baby clothes into neat piles
Their List: Jump in mommy's neat piles.

Do you see what I'm saying? Sometimes it seems futile to even attempt to clean the house because they know how to undo it faster than you can say, "ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME? I JUST PUT THOSE TOYS AWAY!"

Sigh...never the less, summer is summer. And I heart it.

I also heart Cold Stone Creamery. :)

Went there 2 nights ago with the babies, my dad, Auntie Valerie and Uncle Jim. I've figured out after a few recent trips why this is such a good recipe for my family. (You may recall I was just there recently with my mom and Brian and the babies.) So here it is-

I love ice cream. They love to run down the corridor.
I love sitting on the patio. They love to run down the corridor.
I love spending quality family time. They love to run down the corridor.

See? It's a win-win-win-win.

Auntie & Hunter
Hunter & Grampa
Ethan and Uncle Jim
Remember this foot? Well this time, no blood, just strawberries and ice cream. Booo.
My sister Mary would be happy to know that Auntie Valerie was there to be sure no triplets ran into the street.
"Stop! Nobody Move!"
Good job Auntie!

Yep. It's THE corridor.
"Here Auntie, I'll feed you."
"Now I will kiss you."
Grampa and Colton
And Hunter
Pouty McPout.
THIS kid knows how to throw a tantrum.
We're working on that.
All boy..climbin the rails!
Uncle Jim trying to convince Hunter that squats are fun!

These next few are from Auntie's Cell phone!
I can't get enough...
Hello? Anybody home?
He just stood and stared at the door.
Yep. My brilliant idea to walk on the wall.

How amazing does that sky look??

Thanks for the ice cream date everyone!

Now let's talk about my crazy kids for a moment.

Yesterday, after the kids had been up for about a half hour, I was in the kitchen cleaning up from breakfast. I could hear Hunter repeating the same phrase over and over and over and over. I honestly ignored it because it was repetitive. Until I turned the corner and saw Hunter, holding naked Ethan's diaper. And then it hit me what she'd been saying.

"Etan dapper on. Etan dapper on. Etan dapper on."
Always lookin out for her brothers.

Ok, well maybe not always.


Today, at bathtime, Ethan was driving her crazy by pouring cups of water over hers and Colton's heads. She was getting so frustrated that finally she stood up, pointed her little finger at him and said, "Etan Bunch, NO!" OMG. She first and last named him all by herself!!!" Hilarious.


I guess the actual bloody nose itself is not funny. Just the fact that a concerned Hunter reports to me that "Coco Bunny Nose." Let me translate. "Colton has a bloody nose." Yep he did. And the face he made when I let him see himself in the mirror was cracking me up.

Brian says he looks like Ramona Quimby.
I say he looks adorable.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend!


Dad/Grampy Sam said...

First errand the next day was a trip to the dry cleaner's for removal of Chocolate Hazelnut from shirt (the happiest mess ever). Thanks for the ice cream escapade. :) Love you.

Sarah said...

your to-do list sounds just like mine. ok so yours is times three but sometimes henry seems like he is three kids, he is that much of a handful ;) glad to see you are enjoying your summer :)

The Alexanders said...

HAHAHA! Your little stories are HILARIOUS! Everytime I read something about what Hunter has said it makes me super anxious for the boys to start talking more! And that corridor looks PERFECT for entertaining triples!

Mrs. Lofgren said...

I absolutely feel your pain about the cleaning with little ones underfoot! We're getting reading to have a garage sale and every time I put a toy into the sale pile, another one seems to reappear in the keep pile! :) I love the picture of Colton in the "Ramona" hat!!!

Jeremy DeBauche said...

I have to say, your outings always look like so much fun. Also, Hunter is a trip. It's going to be interesting if she continues with it as they all get older. Plus, you're making me hungry for some ice cream!

Debi said...

I sream, You scream, we all scream for ice cream. Go Cold Stone!

Debi said...

ami did it, she spelled scream wrong.

Mary said...

OMG..You know me so well...I honestly did think how can she love that place..it's so close to the street : ) Thanks you Auntie Val for making the neurotic Aunt Mary feel better! They certainly have lots of smiles at Cold Stone : )

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