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Monday, May 2, 2011

Pigs and chickens and sheep, oh my!

Okay, I'm gonna backtrack a little bit now. I've had some tricks in my bag that I've been saving for the blog-a-day marathon!

I'll begin with the county fair. The last time I'd been to the fair was probably in Jr. High (maybe highschool) and I remember it 'back then' so vividly. It was a social hangout, a place to look for cute boys, etc. Fast forward 20 some years and I had one of those "Whoa. Is this really my life?" moments when it was decided that we would take MY kids to the same fair. (I've had that moment several times.)

Rather than hit the nighttime crowd, we opted for a more family friendly afternoon outing to the fair. Our crew consisted of L to R: (Back row) My mom, Ethan, Me, Mary, Anabelle, (Front row) Hunter, Colton, Jaxon.

We weren't but 100 yards in (thank you Hunter for pushing your brother) and we had one kid covered in chocolate ice cream and the rest of us dusted with the powdered sugar and honey from our Indian Fry Breads. Yum. Yum. Yum. (Not gonna lie. That IS the only real reason I wanted to go to the fair.)

(As you can see, my sister Mary (who is pregnant) has the whole triplet juggle down pat as well.

My kids are a few inches too short to ride any rides, so that conveniently narrowed the purpose of our outing to mostly eating and sight-seeing. Though they did stare at this ride for a while.

And then I let them climb onto this momentarily abandoned golf cart. I figured it was the closest they were gonna get to riding on anything, so I allowed it. :)

Then again, my mom and Colton did ride on an elephant and so did Anabelle and Jaxon. So I guess that counts for something! It was pretty cool to see. Colton started out enjoying the ride, but enjoyment quickly turned to fear as the elephant's strides got longer and the ride got bumpier. According to my mom, she's never held on to any kid tighter than she held on to him. Thank you, Mom. I just realized that all the pictures of Colton and my mom are on her camera. So I'll have to get those from her. But here are Anabelle and Jaxon.

I'm pretty sure it's against the County Fair law to leave without having cotton candy. So we did.

Interestingly, (and I found this sort of strange) there was a shark exhibit at the fair. Yes people. Real live sharks. We enjoyed putting the kids in the shark cage.
If you could see his face, you'd see his little mouth saying "WOW!" Ethan's an automobile man for sure!

If arranged marriages still exist, then consider us guilty. Anabelle and I have already married off Jaxon and Hunter. So you can imagine how funny we thought it was when we saw these signs together. "The Hunters and The Jacksons". :)
The remaining part of our trip was spent in the halls looking at all the farm animals.
Colton is petting a rabbit here.
Gramma, Hunter and some crazy chickens.

Uh, watch that little finger buddy. That chicken looks crazy to me.

Fry Bread...good. Ice cream...good. Cotton candy...good. Dr. Pepper....FLAT. Boo. But she doesn't care. She'll still drink it. Yes. I let her. Don't judge. :)

PIGGIES! So cute!

Time to go when the kiddies are falling asleep.

See you next year, Fair!


James said...

MAYbe next year Henry will join you for some fair fun.

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

So cute! I love their little outfits-- colors match perfectly.

I love the fair (with kids) not so much without them. I hate the rides and make my husband go on them with them (having kids makes you more ride-sick??).

The animals are the best!!!! Back to the basics of seeing real, baby piggies!

Jeremy DeBauche said...

So glad you're doing a blog a day. I look forward to reading all of them!

Sarah said...

looks like y'all had fun! i like how james i already including henry in the fair fun for next year! good luck with that one honey ;)

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