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Sunday, May 29, 2011


I will apologize for the lack of photos. Again. We're currently up in Phoenix at our friends' house and try as they might, they can't remember the password to their wireless internet. Which means I can still write a post from their desktop computer, but I can't do it from my laptop...where all my pictures are.

So one more day and then we'll be back in action! Today we celebrated our friends Jen and Nate's daughter Ava's 1st birthday. Let me tell ya, this was no small party! There was a margarita machine, a daiquiri machine, a keg and food to feed a small army. (Okay there was also cake and bubbles and lots of stuff for kids.) It was a great party.

The kids were surprisingly well behaved for most of the day.


But unfortunately Ethan bit another little boy leaving a nice set of teeth marks. Colton was pulling hair and Hunter was freaking out that her brothers were taking her toys. What can I say? They're not perfect. But they're mine. And I love em.

And tonight as Brian and I put them to bed in an unfamiliar house, with their pack and plays arranged in the same position as their cribs (to make them feel like they're at home) we tucked them all in, kissed them goodnight and then started to walk out. As I flipped out the light,
Hunter stood up in her crib and said, "I lob oo mommy."

[Please note that this is the FIRST time she's said it to me, unprompted. Or prompted really. She said it for the first time to my dad the other night and I've pretty much spent the days that followed wondering why not me? I spend more time with her than anyone! When's she gonna say it to me??]

And tonight, she did. All her buh-self. Oh my gosh...I couldn't love her more.

At least I thought I couldn't until she then turned to Colton and said, "I lob oo Coco." and then Ethan, "I lob oo Etan."

Okay, for real this time. I couldn't love her more.


Lawson and Ian's Mum said...

That is adorable. And the "I lob oos", hugs and kisses don't stop ( even at 7 and 9 yo) thank goodness

Dad said...

Three very magic words ... I lob oo, Ami! :)

Jennifer said...

Sweetest words you'll ever hear! :)

The Alexanders said...

Oh my goodness, I teared up reading this post, I lob it! hahaha

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Awwwwwwww!!!!! that makes up for a bad day anyday!!! What a love!

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