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Saturday, May 28, 2011

400 Baby!

Had I blinked, I might have actually missed it. The notification that said I have 399 posts...So you know what that means right? This one here is 400 baby!! Yahooo! I'm hoping that when I hit "Publish" balloons and confetti will start falling and filling the room around me!

400 huh? I find it fascinating how this blog has evolved since post #1.

It all began in October 2008. I'll be honest and say I hardly understood what blogging even was. But my friends were doing it, so I wanted to do it. What better time to begin than the moment you've learned you're having triplets, right? And so, blog #1 was born....The First Photos of the Three Black Blob Babies. I actually remember writing that post. I feel like I was unsure how to approach 'blogging." Should it be a "Dear Blog" format? Should it be in first person or 3rd? And really, who is even going to read it?

I had decided that it would be our family who would be reading it. I figured it would be my way of keeping them involved in the pregnancy.

It was a form of a baby book, written with my kids in mind....something they could have years from now to remember our lives by.

Little did I know then what this blog would become.

Here we are, 399 posts later, trying to win contests for our blog (and are currently happy to be in 2nd place after warming up the #1 spot for a while.

We have followers. 127 of you, to be exact. I don't even think I noticed when that happened. but I thank you and am glad you're here!

We have readers all over the world. Literally.

We've become a jumping off point for other moms and dads who are having kids with cleft lips and'/or palates. I think that's my favorite new twist...

The same goes for parents expecting triplets and even the cranial band helmets. We're actually doing some good for others. Makes me feel like blogging is all worth it.

And lately, in the past 6 months or so, I feel a self-imposed obligation to not only inform, but entertain. I feel guilty when I do a quick fluffy blog just to post something because I feel like you'll be disappointed when you arrive. I actually care that you took the time to care enough about our crazy lives to stop by and read.

This blog has gotten us on the front page of the newspaper, and in our very own television news story.It's even partly responsible for our recent involvement in Hanger O.rthotics' new book and ad campaign. Pretty cool stuff.

The blog is responsible for the random people I've met all over the place who know us and know our story.

Look at you go, little blog!

So friends, on this 400th post, may I just say thank you for making it worthwhile to keep on writing. I appreciate all your loving comments and support! Happy 400!

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KBunch said...

Wahoo! Congrats!!! I know that Nana, Papa, and I are so very thankful that you write this blog so that we can keep up on all of the activities of our favorite Bunches in Tucson since we aren't there to experience them first hand. Thank you for your diligence, humor, and exceptional writing style. We love you tremendously and are so proud you are the glue holding that bunch together!

Auntie Kristen

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