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Friday, March 18, 2011

Two. Two and Two. (Almost)

Oh, to be two. And two. And also two. :)

I'm sure I said this last year, but how the HECK did another year go by already?

And how is it that I can be so proud and so sad all in the same moment. This itty bitty pang in my heart as I watch my kids each blow out their two candles is a reminder that they are growing up. Fast. It's a strange feeling to want to see all that your kids will become, but simultaneously wishing you could freeze time so that they will always be little, always want to sit on my lap, and always love me more than anybody else. (I tell myself that this is true, anyway)

But try as I might, they are growing up and becoming real live humans. And darn it, another year in Bunchkin land is reason enough for us to celebrate!

The first birthday was admittedly a bit of a carnival act, where we more or less invited anyone within a 100 mile radius who had any interest in, prayers for, or general concern and love for me during the pregnancy and the babies during their first year.

This year, for several reasons, we decided to go a little bit smaller...Unfortunately, in my still "desperate-to-be-a-Martha-Stewart-mom" mode, smaller doesn't mean less work. (And let's all be VERY clear here. I am nowhere even CLOSE to Martha Stewart, but a girl's gotta have goals right?)

So there were cupcakes (which were admittedly dry. And I HATE dry cupcakes. I clearly overcooked them which is unlike me.) Oops. I must've been preoccupied making 25 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Oh yeah. You read that correctly. There was an assembly line of peanut buttering, then jellying, then cutting and sealing, except that I was manning ALL the stations of the PBJ assembly line so it wasn't nearly as efficient as it sounds. But let me tell you, I love Smucker's Uncrustable Sandwiches, but for $3.00 for a box of 4 sandwiches, that was SO not in my budget. Fortunately I own the Pampered Chef 'Press and Seal' gadget which makes the exact same sandwich that Smucker's does! Except for $1.70 a loaf, I made 25 sandwiches for just over $5.00. SCORE!!

Then there were the goody bags and lunch bags. Because I am not content with a brown bag, I took a brown paper bag and added a little scrapbook paper and cute name labels to each one! Then I filled each lunch bag with a baggie of pretzels, a PBJ, a fork and a capri sun. The fork was for the fruit salad that I made so lovingly at 11:00 at night...but I'll pretty much do anything for fruit. :)

So the party itself was extremely un-planned. There were no "group activities" or sack races, etc. This year, we just let the kids entertain themselves with the trampoline, the play house, the painting easel, sidewalk chalk, trucks, balls, etc. I think it was safe to say most kids had a good time.Anyhoo, it was a wonderful day, and a great way to welcome in the "Terrific Twos" as I shall call them. Thanks to everyone who was a part of our day!

The centerpieces
(all pieces found in dollar section at Target)
My banners

Abby, Hunter and Colton playing with Sidewalk Chalk
The 3 sided painting easel.
(the benefit to being teachers is that we know which catalogs to order fun stuff like this, which would normally be used in a classroom!) Thanks Aunt Mary for the painting easel.

Jump! Jump!

Aunt Mary and Ethan
(Mary was a savior today!)
My little lady

Ethan and me
Madison was tickling Colton and as you can see, he was cracking up!!

Sad Ethan
Madison and Prestton
Me and the boys
My sad, sad, pathetic, sad little cupcake cakes!
Make a wish...

Jordan and Hunter


And all good parties must end in the Time-out corner.

And as the last guests drive away, we try desperately to take a picture of me with the babies.
It wasnt' going well.

The best we could do...
And after everyone had left, the kids FINALLY decided to play with their new toys!

Thanks everyone for making this day special for my kids. You are all loved.


Anabelle said...

So sad we weren't there :( Looks like a good time was had by all.We shall celebrate April 4!
And seriously... How are they TWO ALREADY?!?! Weren't they just teeny tiny babies?

Tim and Darcy said...

I knew these would be some cute pics! The 2yr old Bunchkins are cuter than ever :)

Kelly Jean said...

Oh stop - the cupcakes looked great!!

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