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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A night on the town!

If you're watchin' the clock then you see that I'm cuttin in pretty close tonight! 11:08 pm. And you want to know why? Cuz Mama was out on the town! That's right, thanks to Auntie Valerie and Uncle Jim for bunchkin-sitting, Brian and I got to go to a cocktail party!!!

Did you see the triple exclamation points in that last sentence? That's right! That's how exciting it was to actually go out, and mingle with adult humans WITHOUT having 3 little people tugging at my legs!

Yes kids, we love you more than words could describe, but sometimes, we like to talk to big people. And drink red wine. :)

So thank you so much to Kiki and Patrick for including us in your birthday celebration. I can honestly say that we feel honored and privileged to know you both. You enrich people's lives, without even knowing it, I'll bet. Thank you for your friendship.

So folks, enjoy these pictures from our night out! And once again, THANK YOU Auntie Val and Uncle Jim...there aren't too many people brave enough to watch triplets, and on the flip side, there aren't too many people they would want to watch them! We love you guys!

Okay, and now, the pictures!

You know it's an awesome party when the cake looks like this!!
(And as if it could get better, the inside is chocolate raspberry!!)

Oh yeah...that's me chillin by the fire.
Me, Brian and Dawn
I'm pretty sure I smudged the lens, so that explains the blur on the left side of the picture. But really, who notices a smudge when you have Me, Kiki (the birthday girl!), Dawn and Jen!
Brian and Me
The (present and former) Cottonwood Crew!
Dawn, Me, Patti, Kiki, Jen, Casey
Cheers to you, Kiki!

Oh Patti. Did your forget this is a family blog? There's no drinking champagne with a straw! :)
Then again, if anyone can pull it off, it's YOU! :)
And these are our hosts for the evening Patrick and Kiki.
Let's just say, they know how to throw a party!!
Thanks again for including us!!
Happy Birthday Kiki!


April said...

How fun! You look fantastic, Ami!

Tim and Darcy said...

Isn't it fun getting out with the hubby?! I love "date nights!" And YES, I totally think you and I and Stacey should meet up some day!!! Did you see those triple exclamation points?! That's how excited I'd be for a Mamas/girls trip! Lol :)

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