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Saturday, March 12, 2011

All he wanted to do was lie down...

Poor Jag. He just wanted to lie down. It's a tough house to live in these days if you happen to be a cat. Three children who are very good at saying "cat" and "meow" and are VERY interested in our cats. (We have two, one black, one white.) And if any one of the bunchkins so much as catches a fleeting glimpse of a cat running by, they are quick on its tail, no matter where that cat is headed...under a bed, yeah, they'll follow. Into the bathroom, right behind 'em, it doesn't matter where.

The other night Brian and I were watching TV and the kids were in the playroom playing. Before long, I could hear soft whispering just on the other side of the couch I was lying on. I glanced over the back and saw Hunter lying on her belly right up next to Jag (our black cat) and she was petting him and talking to him, oh so lovingly. And I'll tell you what, at that moment, he was LOVING LIFE. He loves attention, but calm, gentle kids aren't the norm. They're usually being chased endlessly.

But then, the boys came along. And Jag didn't want to stay there anymore. He definitely wanted to find a new comfy spot to lounge, but the three troglodites weren't making that very easy. They chased him into the living room, then the kitchen, then the hallway, then the playroom. Finally, despite his obesity, he leapt over the baby gate and sought refuge on "the safe side.'

Kids and Pets-such fun. :)

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