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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Is what my kids said when they saw what I put up in their nursery.

These kids (like many others, I'm sure) are FASCINATED with lights.

Christmas lights, to be specific, take the freakin' cake.

We can't even walk up the stairs (where the banister is lined with garland and lights) without all three of them excitedly exclaiming, "Oh WOoooooW!!"

So the cool mom in me surprised them with their very own strand above their closet. (Which I will safely unplug and swap with the regular night light, just as soon as I confirm 6 eyelids are closed tightly for the night).

I obviously do not know how to take a picture without the flash but without the blur, but I was trying to capture them staring in awe at at their new lights!

So, yeah...on a triplet scale of 1 to 10, my "cool mom" meter just hit the big 1-0! Yeah baby!
And happy holidays to you, little Bunchkins.
Mama Loves you.


Mary said...

Too bad you can't hear them in the picture because it is too cute to hear the "WOOOOWWWWW! Even in Costco yesterday they had people laughing with their "WOOOoooowww" at the big lights : )

Auntie Val said...

How adorable!! I am imagining their little voices WOOOOooowww....Such sweet little Bunchkins!

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