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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just some cuteness

I was going to blog about our visit with Nana, Papa and Auntie Kristen tonight, but decided to wait till tomorrow night because inevitably, more photos will be taken in the morning, so I might as well wait. But stand by...cuz you'll see the great craft I stumbled upon and made all the ladies partake of. Good times...

So tonight, here are some pictures of my toddlers. I have resigned myself to this new 'title', by the way, because surely, as I stand there watching them gazing out the window at their dad, they look nothing like babies and everything like people. Big people. *Sigh.*
This was a particularly exciting moment for them, because they are standing where a bookshelf normally sits. We moved it to make room for the Christmas Tree. So being able to look out the window was big stuff in their world.
Furthermore, they were excited because they can see their dad out there, and every so often, he'd turn around and make faces at or wave to them!
These next 2 photos are completely random, follow no theme, and really have no story to go with them. I just thought she looked so darn cute wearing her brother's black converse shoes, helping dad make breakfast.

And if this is not a sign of the times, well I don't know what is. All three of them were too busy to say "cheese" because they were all yappin' away on their cellphones. For real, look at Ethan. Doesn't he look like he's having a serious conversation?
I think what he's saying is, "I'll meet you at the yacht at 3:00. You bring the toys. I'll bring the snacks. Toodles."
"No Frank. I said I need you to overnight me 10 packages of Huggies Size 4. These are size 3. Who's responsible for this? Get me Tokyo on line 2."
Hunter just isn't in the mood to talk.
If it looks like Colton is trying to put my cellphone (the only real, working phone of the 3 by the way) in his shorts, it's because he is. Again, I couldn't tell you why.

2 more blogs to go....


Molly said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you blog all month long!! By the way, I still call my twins "babies" and most of our friends refer to them as "the babies" even though they will be 5 right before the bunchkins b-day, and we are waiting for baby #3 (an actual baby). So you aren't alone in that department!

Nicole said...


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