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Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'll have a cob of corn with a side of funny, please.

Isn't it funny the things I find amusing? My kids are 19 months old and just a few weeks ago, they had their first 'go' at eating corn. On the cob, that is. Which, if I may say so, gets a WAY different reaction than corn from a can.

Uncle Emilio and Aunt Mary came over for dinner and we sampled Uncle's "special" corn on the cob recipe...I won't say it here unless I get permission. Not sure if it's a special secret recipe or something like that....if I get the okay, I'll post it!

All I'm saying is that I've been eating corn on the cob for probably 32 years and THIS time was more delicious than most....As you can see, the kiddos agreed.

Hard to say what I liked more though...eating the corn myself or watching the kids eat giant corn cobs.

6 down, 24 to go!


Sarah said...

love it! my favorite is like the 5th pic down of just colton stuffing the corn in his mouth! adorable! :)

Nicole said...

Those are priceless!!

Mary said...

It was so fun watching them, especially since we weren't sure if they could eat it off the cob...they proved us wrong! Emilio says it's not a secret and I will agree it is so yummy!

The Alexanders said...

AWESOME!!! My fellas also LOVE corn on the cob! So fun to watch them use their little teeth to clean off the cob!

Anabelle said...

Is the "secret" lime juice with a sprinkle of chili powder? BP's brother taught us that and it's Delish!

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