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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The difference between boys and girls

'Fascinating' is a word I've used quite a few times this past week. I am in awe of my children and the things they are learning. (Having been a kindergarten teacher for so many years, I should not be surprised by children learning.) But I am. There's something different about how children acquire the MOST basic skills and understandings. (And there’s something even more exciting about my OWN kids’ learning new things.)

Furthermore, and here’s where I just stand by in amazement. As if you didn’t know this already, my kids are triplets. They were conceived at the same moment, they grew together for the EXACT same amount of time, they were born within a minute of each other and have since shared the EXACT same opportunities and experiences. And yet, somehow of their own accord, they have diverged. (by they, I mean the boys and Hunter, respectively.) They have somehow assumed very stereotypical male/female roles. Like I said, I am fascinated by this...

Colton and Ethan are trucks, wheels, legos, & blocks kinda boys. Hunter is ALL girl, all the time-makeup, cooking, cleaning, and most recently playing with dolls. And when I say playing with dolls, I do not mean playing with one doll whose in the playroom and another who is upstairs in the loft. Oh no...I mean, she is acting out what she knows. One mommy, multiple babies. I actually have no doubt that she would add a third baby to that mix if we had another one. But we don’t. We only have 2 dolls. But let me tell you how freakin adorable it is to watch her “mother” her 2 babies. She pats their heads, brushes their hair, claps their hands together, kisses them, carries them around and feeds them their bottles while saying “Num, num, num.”

Isn’t anyone else fascinated by this? Why does Hunter mother her babies while her brothers drive trucks over the tops of them? Either way, I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I have...

Hunter olivia...

fellow mother of multiples

Feed the babies..."Num num num"

And the other baby.

Mommy's thirsty.

Here you go baby..

Kisses for babies. (No seriously, is this not the cutest thing ever?)

Feeding time again. This time in my "crib" basket
Brush the babies' hair

"Let's go, babies!"

She's clapping the baby's hands together!! So adorable!
I promise I don't know where she learned this....I never carried them around like this! :)

Colton and ethan...

Boys to the bone

Lovin our legos

And trucks, trucks, trucks...
That's all...Just lovin watchin my little people learn how to be big people. :)


Grampa Sam said...

The boys, of course, are as beautiful as any two boys could be -- Ethan in his classically handsome way and Colton in his ruggedly handsome way. But, that Hunter! It is like looking at photos of you, Ami. Can't imagine a little girl being any prettier (and such a charmer). Love you all, Dad

Anabelle said...

Fascinating IS the only word to describe it. Hunter is going to be such a good mom to our grandbabies! Maybe she & Jax will have twin girls :)

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