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Monday, November 8, 2010

Can someone call a maid?

I always knew it would be great having lots of capable kids who would someday help do all the chores....

I just didn't know it happen this soon!

These kids love CLEANING! I couldn't help but smile when I had this post in the works because a good blog friend Stacey (and mother of triplets herself) just did a post about how much HER boys love cleaning!

Either way, this mama's not complaining...

Colton's handling the sweeping outside (and apparently a little on the inside)

Ethan's owning the dustbuster (and actually knows how to run it down the baseboards)
Hunter is tackling my least favorite chore...The tub. Granted, she is using the toilet scrubber to clean it. (insert gag here.)
No merry maids for me in the future! I've got the "Busy Bunchkins"!

8 down!
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