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Sunday, July 4, 2010

The "Beach"kins

I have to admit. I actually had to put forth a tiny bit of conscious thought to remember my login password. Yes, it's been that long, I KNOW!!! Let me put it this way, my days of leisurely blogging (during awake hours anyway) are gone. I am no longer just a mom of triplets. Oh no, I am now a referee as well. Yep. "Referee" to the one who bites and must be scolded, "mom" to the one with fresh teeth marks in his/her arm and tears down the cheeks. And trust me, they keep me busy. Frankly I could devote an entire entry to the topic, and I just may do that, so for now, I will not elaborate.

My point for this entry was really just to let you know I have not abandoned my blog. I have not traded it for Facebook. I have been on vacation and otherwise, as I said, gainfully employed by the three 15 month olds I now work for. :)

But that's right, I went on vacation!! (We went on vacation.) And I have pictures! (Oh, I have LOTS of pictures). We took the babies to their very first beach! Mission Beach, San Diego baby! I will also write about it when I do my real vacation blog. Tonight I just want to leave you with a few of my favorites...

Colton...aka Gilligan
Ethan..building a sandcastle one pinch at a time.
Hunter...girl loves her some sand!

Stay tuned for more....


Jaymee said...

You must have got a hold f Mary's awesome camera!!!!! And even if you didn't, the pictures came out GREAT. The 5 of you on the beach capture's so much joy and love. We tried a few time for a beach background family photo, none that came out as I had hoped. BTW, Prestton has the same shirt as the boys and I wore the same white top to Sea World. To funny!!!! See you in another week: )

The Alexanders said...

Great Family Picture!!!

Lawson and Ians' Mum said...

You got more sun than we did!

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