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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Having "a Ball" on Father's Day

In 2 more days we leave for San Diego, which means we won't be here for Father's Day. So we decided to recognize the first of the 3 "fathers" in our family a little early-my dad! We thought it would be nice, (and by nice I mean less stressful) if we hung out at his house and went swimming instead of taking the 3 troglodites to a restaurant.) Some days are just made for the sounds of babies swimming, the smells of the grill cooking and and the tastes of lots of yummy foods! You gotta love Arizona! This top picture really reminded me how difficult it is nowadays to take a "group" picture. They just don't like to sit still anymore! But there they are, in all their glory! Ethan, as usual has opted not to wear shoes. They are wearing their "I love Grandpa shirts" which you really can't even see. Oh well!

Grampy Sam and Hunter
and Ethan
And Colton
Soon as we got to my dad's house, we put on our swim diapers and our BRAND NEW bathing suits which arrived in the mail only an hour before this. Nana and Papa Bunch wanted to make sure the babies looked stylish on the beach so they sent 2 bathing suits and swim shirts for each of the babies! Thanks a BUNCH, Nana and Papa! As you can see, they fit great and look adorable! And then, we headed for the pool!

Before you continue reading and make the assumption that Colton is the favorite child because their are way more pictures of him than the other babies, let me explain. It's pretty much this simple-Ethan and Hunter totally loved the water! They loved swimming, splashing, jumping, etc. So they were off having fun in the big pool. Colton on the other hand decided that he is in fact, not a water baby. I don't know if he was just cold or scared but he did not want to be away from the step. So it was just easier to take pictures of the kid on the step. And go ahead. I challenge you to figure out what Colton's "security item" was for the day. Because I kid you not, he NEVER let it go for more than a few seconds!

Brian and Colton (and the ball)
My Dad and Hunter Olivia
Me & Colton (and the ball), My dad and Hunter, Brian and Ethan
Me and Colton (yep...and the ball)
Hunter has no fear. She was just loving the water! Grampy Sam let her hold on to the pool noodle!
Let's try floating Colton...(with your ball, of course)
Again. There is a reason I do not take the babies to have professional photos taken.
Ethan wants to be back in the pool. Hunter wants out of the pool. Colton just doesn't want anyone to take away his ball.

They may be wiggly, but I sure do think they're cute. :)
Like Mother, like daughter
Classic Uncle Emilio :) If he wasn't checking game scores, he was telling me to let go of Hunter in the water just to "see what happens." Sure! Easy to suggest when it's someone else's kid! (But in case you're wondering, I did it. I let go. She is getting really good at going underwater. Really didn't freak out this time. :)
Aunt Mary, Colton and the ball.
Surprise! He's still got the ball!
Do you taste yummy, Mr. Ball?
Reluctantly, he left the side of the pool to give actual swimming a try. He did really well as long as he had, well, you know, the ball.
This is a relatively new face he makes. Such a goober!
Aunt Mary and Uncle Emilio
Me and Ethan...swimming makes me sleepy, Mom.
Hooray! No more swimming! Let's go back to Grampy's! I'll carry the ball. SHOCKER!!
Emilio and Hunter snacking..
This was our lovely dinner patio table!
And my dad got the babies those "Limited Edition" Denim Diapers from Huggies! SO cute! Why don't they always make diapers this cute?
And that my friends, was our evening! Everyone had a great time and walked away with FULL bellies. You can never go wrong with that! Thanks for having us over, Dad!


Sarah said...

so cute! looks like you guys had fun! i love the denim diapers, i looked for some for henry but they didn't have any in newborn size. i hope y'all have fun at the beach :)

Lawson and Ians' Mum said...

Photos don't get any easier once they get older. They know how to pull faces ( 8 and 6)and still won't sit still. The Bunchkins are adorable. Have a wonderful time in San Diego, hope the June Gloom which we got last week has gone.

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Anonymous said...

Poverty tries friends.................................................................

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