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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Water you talkin' about?

Arizona is wonderful place to grow up...a perfect mixture of warm air (okay, and sometimes, just bloody hot) and sunshine...perfect for triplets to enjoy a water table in the middle of their GREEN grass! (That's right, people...don't adjust your screens again. This time it really IS green!)

Such a perfect toy. Just their height. Perfect for splashing, dunking, dipping, and even for drinking...A perfect socialization tool. I've always been grateful that my kids would always have playmates, but what I'm quickly realizing is that they don't always WANT playmates! They are very "me-centered" right now and I can't say that I blame them. They want what they want, when they want it. But knowing that fact makes it that much sweeter when they DO play together...what a perfect day. (I'm not going to lie. I'm pretty sure these were taken on Mother's Day! But come on, I already admitted that I fell off the blog bandwagon when Colton had surgery. ) And on top of them being "old" photos, I accidentally uploaded them backwards... Scroll down to see Brian's family's visit on Mother's Day weekend. They came down to see Colton after his surgery and spent the weekend with us! It was perfect weather, perfect company. Good times..good times...

Miss Hunter Olivia

This was my best attempt at corralling the Bunchkins for a Mother's Day photo! Ha!
Oh well...we did the best we could.

Ethan Bear trying to decide just how much he hates sitting in the grass...
His buddy Piper showing him how much fun grass is!

Pretty girl..fancy skirt.
Little boy...ALL boy. I'm not gonna lie. I was SO glad to see Colton outside playing with his siblings because I'll tell you what, at that very moment in time, that little guy was in pain and discomfort. He was just beginning the healing process...I think this was 5 days post surgery, and only his second full day home from the hospital.
Hunter happy to have her Partner in crime back!
Sigh...This is my life. I couldn't ask for more.

My Boys.
Mini-Me and other Mini-Me, meet your father. :)

Love these boys
Auntie Kristen and Colton
"I love my Auntie!"
E.T. Phone home....
Hunter and Papa
Auntie Kristen and Ethan
Nana and Colton
We agreed that none of us was looking our "photo best" but isn't it still a nice picture? I love it!

Playing with Auntie! Raspberry time!

Papa and Colton playing ball

Nana and Colton playing ball
Busy weekend...time for my nap
Nah...time to be cute!

That's all folks!


Anabelle said...

My next post was going to be about Jaxon playing in HIS water table! Haha! Great minds I tell you. Maybe the Bunchkins will share their table with their friend Jaxon. :)

Ami said...

Of course they will! How exciting! Come on over, anytime!

The Alexanders said...

Super cute pictures! I am also having trouble rounding up the troops for a group shot! And this post has convinced me that I NEED to get the boys a water table!

Nicole said...

Water tables rock! And may I say, brave girl putting the boys in white....I can't do that with Brody. He trashes everything. Love the mother's day picture.... we didn't even do one;/

Anonymous said...


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