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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life: Full Circle...

By no means, do I expect any of you to actually look at all of these pictures....The problem with having triplets is that I just don't know when to stop taking pictures. And then there are 174 photos of one 3 hour event, and I feel the need to include ALMOST all of them....yeah, that's a problem.

But you have to remember, that while I write for you all, I also print the entire blog into a hardbound book for my kids to look back at someday. So skim over as quickly as you like! I won't be offended! I also have to admit that while I know NOTHING about taking photos, I do know this- I took a crap load of outdoor photos today with the camera on its INDOOR setting....oops.. Sorry about the quality.

So today we decided to take the babies to Break.ers Waterpark to spend a few hours in the water and in the sun. Anabelle and Jaxon joined me, the babies, my mom and sister.

The night before, I stayed up until almost midnight packing. (Not because I'm incredibly obsessive compulsive about these things, but because I got a late start!) :) I swear to you, even in the latest hours, at my most tired moments, as I make my 3 neat piles of towel, towel, towel, suit, suit, suit, water diaper, water diaper, water diaper, hat, hat, hat, etc....I smile! I cannot believe this is my life!

I have not forgotten how long I waited for babies. It's funny...I often thought about and hoped for twins. I thought about it when I was in college before kids were even on my radar. And I thought about it even more when I started seeing a fertility specialist, because then it became a very real possibility. But my hope for twins faded with each failed procedure and miscarriage. So when I think back to that day when that ultrasound showed 3 heartbeats, I think my heart literally skipped a beat ..THREE FREAKIN BABIES!! God, I love my life.

14 months old is a fun age. If they weren't preemies, they'd probably be walking by now, but they're not-just crawling, and that's okay with me. They notice everything, they laugh at funny things as well as at each other, they get our humor, they recognize people and they are totally adventurous. So what better time that right now to take them to Break.ers Water Park for the first time.

10:00, gates open. 10:08 in rolls Sadie Suburban, Holly Honda and Tess Toyota...(sorry girls, I took the liberty of naming your cars for this blog) packed to the brim with towels, bathing suits, sunscreen, water, clothes, shoes, and strollers. (And maybe a few contraband PB & Js...) Or maybe not. I'm just sayin. There may or may not have been outside food brought in.

But I digress. :) Here we are!!
You thought I brought the quad stroller for the kids?? Not so much. Bags, bags, bags....
Just in case you forgot...
Let's go! Me and Colton
Mary and Ethan
Mom and Hunter
Somebody loves his lawn chair! (look how his little butt is getting stuck in the slats!)
My little girl
And my Ethan Bear
So this is round 2. As if packing all their crap wasn't taxing enough, now we finally arrive, get inside and have to undress the babies, put on their water diapers and lather them from head to toe in sunscreen! WHAT A CHORE! I'll say this-It will be a long time before I'll take my kids to Break.ers without at least 2 other adults to come with! Thank God we had a one to one child:adult ratio going...
I believe this is Jaxon saying, "What's taking everyone so long?" I'm ready! Let's go to the ocean!" What a cutie!
Captain Ahab!
Jaxon being the oldest, checks out the kid's area first!
Oh my goodness I love this little girl! (And I love that she finally kept a hat on her head!)
The things we do for love. Check out that quad workout Aunt Mary is getting just so Colton can drive that steering wheel!
Me and my little girl.
Ethan was far more hesitant about all this water business...he eventually warmed up!

Exploring the dry play area

And back to the water...um, what is my mouth doing?
Lookie there! The 2nd baby keepin his hat on! Go Colton!

"Are you looking at me bum?"

As you can see, Colton was not a fan of the "spouting concrete." Ethan however, was!

Me and my Bunchkins!
Gramma and Aunt Mary with the Bunchkins

And she's off!

Hello Gilligan!
Ethan always knows how to relax properly!
Can't say she hasn't got this sunbathing thing down...

While Colton experiments with a water bottle.
"Help! I'm falling in!"
Two Sunbathing Divas!
Thanks for sharing with me, Gramma!

Anabelle and Jaxon

Now on to the big wave pool! This was our favorite part!
Hunter has no fear. Nothing was stopping her! In fact, I don't know that she cried at all the whole day!
And I believe it was this moment right here that the title of this entry came to be. As Mary and I sat here surrounded by 3 babies, we had that, "Who'dve thought" thought. Twenty years ago, we came to Break.ers for our own entertainment as kids. Never did we imagine the day we'd be bringing kids to the same place for THEIR entertainment...Full Circle. Weird....
Lovin my little boys
Like little ants...away they go. The boys go marching 1 by 1, hurrah! hurrah!

Hunter and Gramma

There's our friend Jaxon!
Could they be any cuter? They were so much fun to watch in the water!
Deep in thought...
When the waves came on, Colton suddenly became upset. He did not like the big waves crashing into him. So I started scooping him up and we would "Jump" over each wave instead. Well, he thought that was just about hilarious!

Gramma and Ethan, Anabelle and Hunter
Anabelle with Jaxon and Hunter (her future daughter in law)
Happy Bear!
My goofy boy and me.
Jaxon exploring "The Ocean"

Strikin her supermodel pose!
Strollin "the beach"
Aunt Mary and her nephew and niece

LOVE HER! This bathing suit clearly does not meet our "no cleavage till you're at least 25 years old rule.."

Ethan and my shadow

This is my life :)
And on our way home! This is me. This is our 52 pound stroller. Those are our 60 pound children in our 52 pound stroller. That is me dying!

Those are my sleepin babies. Look closely. We're still in the parking lot! Gotta love it!


Anabelle said...

We had LOADS of fun with you guys!It will have to be repeated. I'm glad you took 174 pictures... I only took 14!

Adrienne Gomer said...

i hate that you had triplets a year ago and you look like that! i had ONE kid 16 months ago and my body still looks like a deflated balloon.

Adam and Samantha said...

Um first of all, how the heck did you have triplets and now don't have 1 little ounce of extra skin on your tummy?? Anyways, your kids are so cute, and getting so big! It looks like they loved it there! How fun!!

Sarah said...

i'm going to add to the hate-filled comments about your awesome bikini body... i hate you!!! but those babies are freakin' adorable! you are one brave mama for taking triplets to breakers! good for you :) you are my super-mom hero! ;)

Ami said...

I swear to you all, my post triplet body is not as "awesome" as it might appear...notice there are no close-ups. I invite each of you to inspect my belly in real life. It's not bad, but it's not awesome. :) But I love you all for boosting my ego a little.

Mary said...

I was with you up close and you look great...To be honest, I really didn't think the bunchkins would like it as much as they did, I just wanted a place to get a tan! It was so fun watching them in the wave pool : )

saa said...

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