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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You know you're a mom of triplets when...

Okay, so I'm piggybacking off my friend Nicole's blog, who piggybacked off ArizonaMamma's blog, but I'm adding my own twist. The idea is to recognize those things we say and do that only a mother could say or do! But I'll add the triplet twist! So here goes:

You know you're a mother of triplets when....

1. You are totally unfazed by crying. You don't even hear it anymore.

2. You get SO excited when things are sold in packs of 3! (Bibs, plates, socks, Gerber Puffs, etc.)

3. You no longer eat warm meals at restaurants because by the time you've cut up a piece of French Toast and divided it into 3 equal portions, your own meal is surely cold.

4. You choose restaurants to take the kids to, NOT based on what type of food they serve, how great the service is, or even how close it is. The only important criteria is that they have 3 highchairs.

5. It is normal for your grocery list to include 24 yogurts, 100 bottle liners and 4 canisters of gerber puffs. Always.

6. The gorgeous COACH purse your friends got you for your birthday doubles as a diaper bag, and is in fact is 2/3 diapers & wipes and 1/3 your wallet and cellphone.

7. You can forever on, only drive one friend or family member around at a time because your entire backseat is occupied by carseats.

8. There are more baby bottles in your cupboard than drinking glasses.

9. You are constantly washing THEIR laundry so you've resorted to just throwing in one or two of your own items with theirs.

10. You hear that first giggle in the morning, and you open the door to the nursery and are immediately greeted by not just 1, not even 2, but 3 smiling faces standing in their cribs reaching for you! (I threw that one in for the gratuitous "awwws". )

There! So that's my first volume of "You know you're a mother of triplets when..." stay tuned for more! And look at me! Halfway done with the month of blogs!

1 comment:

The Alexanders said...

I LOVE your list, they are all WAY TOO true! And way to go on being halfway done your month of blogging!

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