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Thursday, April 15, 2010

But she's not a BRAT

They're bA-aaack! That's right, I'm talking about the sickly germs. Damn them. I hate when the kids are sick. So far only Hunter has succumbed, but I know the other two will get it. It's unavoidable. I'm really going to try to keep the boys healthy though, particularly because Colton is having surgery in less than 3 weeks which would have to be rescheduled if he gets sick So cross your fingers that Colton doesn't get sick.

She's been throwing up and has diarreah and then throws up a little more. Then there's more watery diarreah...about 5 minutes after she's pooed, we change her diaper. About 5 minutes after that, she poos again. Awesome. Poor little squirt. So we're doing the BRAT diet: Bananas, Rice,Applesauce and Toast. That will hopefully help!

So here's the thing- if you don't think it should count as a blog, that's fine. I'll concede this months Nablopomo challenge. But I can't keep my eyes open to finish this blog. Brian has had to wake me up on the couch 3 times. So I give up. This is all I can manage for the moment. I'm sorry!! Working, cleaning, caring for 3 munchkins.=tttb. (too tired to blog).

Cross your gingers for a 24 hour bug...good night....

I'll update tjo


Bee-Jai said...

It totally counts! I've already missed two days, but ah, well as Scott would say, fecal matter happens.

Charlotte said...

It counts! since when is diarrhea and throw-up not an excellent blog subject?? Sayin a prayer that the boys dont get it!

Sarah said...

boy i can tell you're tired, but i'll be keeping my gingers crossed that your little girl gets better quickly ;)

Anonymous said...
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