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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Salon de Nana

This past weekend, (11 months old) the babies got their first official hair cuts! They went to Nana's Salon (aka the bathroom counter.) Now, I say they all needed hair cuts, but what I really mean is, Colton really needed a hair cut and the other two just needed to be included in the occasion! So when Brian's parents came to visit last weekend, with them came brand new hair cutting scissors!

Much like everything about them, their reactions to the whole "salon experience" was quite different. First born Colton went first (as he usually does) and I'm not kidding you, not only did he tolerate it, I actually think he enjoyed it! He sat perfectly still on the bathroom counter for a good 15 minutes probably while Nana snipped and snipped away! He really only started to get wiggly when the camera came out! Go figure! He looked so cute when she was done! Though it must be said-he looked so much more like a little boy than a baby! :(

Below is his "after". Isn't he handsome? Thanks Nana!
Now on to little lady Hunter. I'm gathering you'll see from this first picture just what her reaction to getting her hair cut was. (And in Hunter's case, because I didn't really want her hair cut since we want hers to grow long, she basically got just that-a hair cut. Basically one hair. ) She didn't love it, but she didn't hate it! She just wanted to be the monkey she usually is! And let's be honest here, those of you who have been following this blog for some time know that Hunter really just wanted to play with the scissors herself! :) So even though she only got a trim, she looked really cute!

What a ham! She knows she cute!

So one child loved it. One was fairly indifferent about the whole thing, which leaves just one more child and one more reaction. Poor, poor Ethan. Yup. He hated it. The minute the comb hit him and the scissors came out, he knew something unusual was going on, and he wanted no part of it.

"Maybe if I'm sad enough, they'll stop."

Midway hug from Nana...maybe that will make it better?
Like my spike?
Yeah...not so much! (And yes, I know what you're thinking...my bathroom mirror is a sight to behold! Between water splashing, little fingerprints and toothpaste spatters, it's a lost cause. It really only gets clean when we have parties or company!) :) I've become okay with this.
He does sad very well doesn't he?
Hugs make everything better! That's about as far as we got with him!

So that concludes our trip to Nana's Salon! Till next month...


Anabelle said...

Well, let's not be surprised if the babies don't talk for a while! :) Actually, not a bad idea!

Ami said...

Anabelle-is that an old wives tale or something? That if I cut their hair before they're one, they won't talk?

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