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Friday, January 1, 2010

Santa brought us Stockings!

Okay, here's part 2 of our Christmas adventures! Part 1 was Christmas Eve with the Daniels side of the family. Part 3 will be with the Bunch side...
Like many other families, we've always had the tradition of waking up on Christmas morning and seeing, among other presents under the tree, STOCKINGS overflowing with stuff! In time, stockings became my favorite part of our tradition! We always open them first and spread our loot all over the floor! I know other families do things differently, but in my family, stocking stuff was predominately "Walgreens" type stuff...eye shadow, socks, nail files, nail polish, magazines, etc. SO fun! Well, I'm pretty sure it was always "Mrs. Claus" who filled the stockings, so now that I have my own family, I eagerly took on that responsibility!

So first thing in the morning, this is what the babies saw...
The next three pictures are all my babies' first Christmas faces! I was getting eggnog out of the refrigerator when Brian brings me Colton!...(who immediately looked to his left, down our hallway where his Farm he got on Christmas Eve from Aunt Mary and Uncle Emilio awaited him!)
And then came Hunter...."Peek a boo Mommy!"
We actually had to wake poor Ethan...can you tell how sleepy he is?
3 babies and 3 stockings! Not sure why Colton was crying!
Hmm what are these treasures in these giant socks?

Santa brought me Hello kitty Bandaids?
And a toothbrush! For the toofs I don't even have yet!
Santa brought Ethan a cookie monster book!
Hmm...what's this for? I better see...

Hi Buddy!
Santa got me a new plate! Fun!....I guess..

At least they all know where the toothbrush goes!
Just like it was when we were kids...

And even Piper got a few new treats in her stocking! A new Bobo!
Okay, that's all for part 2! Stay tuned!


Adam and Samantha said...

Ahh, they are so cute! I love that they already know where the toothbrush goes!!

Sarah said...

we do that same type of stuff for stockings in our family! and it was always my favorite part too! LOVE the babies 1st reactions to christmas morning... priceless! :)

Auntie Val said...

You really captured their First Christmas with priceless pictures. I love the expressions and as I looked at a few of the pics of Hunter she has the expression that I hear her Aunt Mary would have at times as she looks over at her brothers. (Just making sure every one received the same amount of goodies! tee hee) Such concentration! They are all Soooo cute! Cherish every moment! :)

Jaymee said...

There is nothing like the 1st Christmas and yet it keeps getting BETTER! The girls love their stockings too, but save them for last. They get similar things but there is always a "special" buried within. This year the big girls had got new cell phones, so their numbers were wrapped in the stocking. Prestton just wanted all the tags and bows, so the triplets did better then he did!

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