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Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Part 3 and Build-a-Reindeer!

It's as though by delaying my blog posts about Christmas, I can somehow make the holidays still be here. But sadly, as I look around my newly "Un-Christmased" house as well as the fact that I noticed Starbucks has returned to it's standard white cups, I know that I can not extend the holidays any further...So here is Part 3 of the Bunchkins' first Christmas! Part 1, you saw was with my side of the famiy, Part 2 was just our little family, and finally, Part 3 with Brian's side of the family!

So that we could tell the babies someday that they in fact woke up on their very first Christmas morning in their own house, my in-laws were kind enough to travel to Tucson, arriving Christmas morning! Unfortunately, my mother-in-law came with a nasty cold so she was no where near feeling her usual good self. But she mananged to be a trooper and Christmas went on! :)

Here are some pictures from our Christmas! Perhaps the highlight was our trip the day after Christmas to Tucson Mall to go to Build-a-bear! (I know what you Tucsonans are thinking...am I CRAZY??) I honestly thought I was crazy too, but we must've timed it just right! We got to the mall, had no problem parking and the mall itself was hardly crazy busy! (I noticed it picked up steadily by the time we left, but hey, our work there was done!)

But we weren't there to build bears, you see....Last Christmas, before the babies were even born, Nana and Papa Bunch bought each of the babies a reindeer to fill when their first actual christmas arrived! So we built reindeers! It was fun! I feel somehow indoctrinated into actual motherhood now that I've taken my own children to Build-a-Bear!

By this point, I'm thinking the babies should be pretty good at ripping open wrapping paper!
Go Ethan!
Go Colton!
Go Hunter.....no, silly girl! We didn't say EAT the paper!
Auntie Kristen to the rescue!

So let's see...what's in this package?

Ummm...these look like boy jammies! (They were! We just let Hunter open one for her brothers since her closet is already WELL-stocked!) Thankfully Nana and Papa remembered the boys needed jammies! Now they're all stocked up!

Now we're off for a train ride in our new wagon train!! Yahoo! You'd think we lived in Vermont, what with our hats and coats! But for us, it was cold!
Aunt Kristen is the train conductor!
Nana and Brian
And finally, here we are at Build-a-Bear for our very FIRST time!

Ethan was obviously hungry... :)
Colton gets to make his reindeer first!
While she waits, Hunter eats the tag on hers..

Watching closely to see how she's making his reindeer!
All done!Ethan is next..
Nana and Ethan
Also quite intrigued at this process!
Isn't he cute??
All done! I love my reindeer!
Little lady Hunter last!
She's watching the machine that spins around all the "fluff"
Can you tell she's getting uncomfortable?
She was quite scared of that big machine!!
No worries! Aunt Kristen saved me..
All done!
3 ladies, 3 babies, 3 reindeer!
What a fun day!
The End! See you next year, Christmas!


Sarah said...

cute, cute, cute! and you actually got a picture of ethan half-way smiling!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love it! It's never too early for a trip to Build a Bear! The reindeer are adorable! I'm curious if you put them away with Christmas stuff so they are just a once a year special toy or did you keep them out? What a great memory!

Jen Adams said...

LOVE those beautiful babies! Thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

Those jackets and hats in the wagon are adorable! Build a Bear looks like it was so fun!

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