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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stone Cold Ethan Bunch

Okay, I did a blog about Colton's funny face. I did a blog about Hunter's funny face. So today it was time for Ethan's funny face. So I sat down to go looking through my computer to find the funniest picture I could of Ethan. Though before I even started looking, I knew what I was going to find.... Now understand this, Ethan is hysterical. The kid chuckles like nobody I've ever heard. All you have to do is stick out your tongue at him and he will stick his out at you. And then he will continue to blow raspberries for the next 22 hours or so. He is extremely ticklish and quite easily amused. Want to make him smile? All you have to do is get near his face and say "BOO!" Ethan is a real love...our cupie doll with the gorgeous eyelashes.

Oh yeah, and one other thing-the kid is camera shy. I am not kidding you. He could be laughing hysterically, but the second you point that lens at him (video or still) he puts on his poker face. He will. not. smile. (okay, we have been able to capture a few here and there, but I actually laughed at how easy it was to find pictures like the ones below)...pictures of my son, STONE COLD ETHAN BUNCH...enjoy.

What a pout huh? Anyway, that's my day 10! 20 more to go!


Auntie Val said...

So adorable! His stone cold faces still make the rest of us smile!! They are beautiful babies!! I enjoyed spending the day with them on Sunday!!

Nicole said...

Too cute.... I think that his faces are precious, like he is thinking about something VERY serious.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can first hand attest to the fact that he is the easiest to get into a laughing fit. He loves to listen to himself laugh and the more he laughs, the more he laughs. Boogedy, boodedy boo works pretty well. I love you Ethan, Gramma Daniels

Ami Bunch said...

Yes, perhaps he is putting forth a lot of thought... :)

Mary said...

He will be a great model someday...he has perfected the serious pose!

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